3 EASY Summer Hairstyles

May 20, 2015


Alright guys…  I think this just might be my last hair/beauty video for a couple months.  I’ve really missed filming every week and there’s SO much I want to do!  I think that’s been the biggest trial with this pregnancy.  I usually have enough energy to do what I want and for the past few months I’ve felt physically limited in everything I do.  I’m very grateful for my health and that there’s an end in site.  For all of you struggling with true health challenges my heart goes out to you and I feel terrible for complaining.  Okay okay, back to the reason why we’re all here!  Today’s tutorial I have three easy summer hairstyles for you.  I really love build-able hairstyles.  I want to believe I coined the term haha I’ve never seen anyone else do them have you?  At any rate, they’re really fun and I hope you guys enjoy the tutorial!!

Also, I’ve started a new channel specially for family vlogging.  I’ll be uploading a few things to my regular channel but if you’re interested in the nitty gritty of my life make sure you subscribe to the new channel here!  Thanks loves!

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Enjoy the video!

  • Emma S

    Gorgeous! I love how many hairstyles you create with just a few simple techniques 🙂

    Praying for you as you near the end of your pregnancy!

  • Calista

    Love all three of this! Now I know what to do with my hair tomorrow…

  • Calista


  • My favorite is the half up and I am loving the buildable styles too!
    Good luck with the delivery!
    Dresses & Denim

  • Jen Goldhahn

    I enjoyed the simplicity of your styles. The styles you show are easy and feminine. Enjoy your twins and best of luck with your delivery!

  • Samantha

    I love watchin your videos!! I also really like your editing in the videos! I am totally into hair and style stuff and I really enjoy getting new ideas!! Thank you so much!

  • Marta

    So cute and so easy to do !)
    It looks fresh and bright.Ombre isn’t exactly a new trend but looks cool and I’d like to do this too.
    With short haircut it’ll be amazing !

  • Hey Abby!

    I run a site called “style her pretty” which features great trending pins: fashion, accessories and more! I have a place for hair trends and would love to feature your page! Mainly I love fashion and therefore feature other bloggers/passionate style seekers to promote them too along with provide my followers with great resources! ((Plus- as moms I see we have to stick together to help promote each other. 🙂 ))

    Right now I have a beauty blogger featured- you can see how it just links to her page- allowing my visitors for beauty advice and tips but also giving her followers too! Let me know if this interests you and I will link a spot for your page 🙂

    Look forward to talking with you!


  • Kathy

    Awesome! Even i’m not in the moment to be a bridesmaid, i have tried it and it was so easy. And i looked more gorgeous than before, thank you so much!


  • Casey Peterson

    Where did you get those pieces that you added to your hair?

    • Abby

      I got them either from Laced Hair or Luxy hair!

  • Irfan Adil

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    idea for my blog.
    Keep it up great work.

  • Olesia Lintvar

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