Blonde Haircare Routine, UPDATED!

June 14, 2017

Hey babes!!!!  I’m excited to share with you guys my updated hair care routine!  This one is mostly for blondes but there’s definitely something in here for everyone.  I’ve added some drug store products, have you guys noticed I’ve been trying really hard to use more affordable products?  So there are some saves and splurges in the mix.  I’ll list the products out but don’t forget to watch the video if you have a minute because I’m also sharing some hacks you can do to help keep your hair healthy and happy this summer!!!  

  1. 1. California Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner  – love this for extra hydration and brighter blondes! 
  2. 2. Brass Color Correcting Creme – this color corrects brassy tones, use once a week
    3. Grow it, Girl – Feel like your hair is thinning?  Smells gross but I swear it works!
    4. Anti-Snap – Extreme dryness?  Quench it with some extra protein.  A tried and true favorite for years
    5. Thickening Tonic – This plumps up the strands and will add thickness and texture.  Great for fine hair!
    6. Illuminating Elixir – This will soften your hair, tame fly aways & add a bit more moisture
    7. Mask Treatment – Is your hair still dry?  Use this treatment once a month for 5 minutes after you shampoo.
    8. Night Cap Treatment – Need a treatment but don’t have time to wash it?  Slather it on at night and it’ll be dry in the morning and your hair will be super soft and ready for a few more days!

Have you guys tried any of those products?  Do you have any for me to add to my list?  You know I’m a sucker for good product so let me know if you have any you think I should try or hacks that you’ve found help your hair in the heat!!

MMKKKKK!!  Love you guys!

  • Victoria

    Where is your shirt from?! It is beautiful and I’m dying to know where you got it! Also can’t wait to try the brass color correcting crème! I really enjoy your blog and videos. Thanks!

  • Marah Frank

    I’ve definitely been having some issues with hair shedding so this post comes at the right time for me! Going to give a couple of these products a try and see what happens. Thanks for the share!

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