Day 15- Straight hair + tips

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Ahhhhh, my hair feels so good down and straight.  It’s been FOREVER it seems since I’ve had my hair JUST down!  And someone asked if I have naturally straight hair.  That I do!  It’s a little wavy though but not enough to get any good curls out of while blowing it drying.
Last night I went to this wedding and didn’t have time to wash my hair.  Instead, I used some dry shampoo.  Have you heard of the stuff?  You spray it in your roots and it absorbs all the oils and makes your hair smell so yummy!  The Suave Dry Shampoo is my favorite and you can pick it up at any grocery store.   As far as washing goes, for those who have asked… start with just one extra day from what you’re already doing.  So if you’re washing it every day right now, start with washing it every other day.  Your hair will stop producing as much oil and when it does, try going one day more.  When my hair gets greasy I like to use accessories and hats.  Basically anything that keeps my hair out of my face.  Every other day is so do able.  So if you are washing your hair everyday, shoot for every other.  You’ll be amazed, I promise. Oh, and the reason to not wash your hair daily.  Your hair will be so much healthier!  Washing it too often strips it of it’s natural oils and that’s when you get dry, brittle hair.  And if you’re trying to grow it out- most likely it will just keep breaking off and will take for ever.  So be nice to your hair!
Don’t you worry my friends.  There is a video tutorial on how I do my bangs.  So many people have asked, I thought I’d throw it in there! Sorry it’s a little long.  You can skip through whatever you want!
Have a happy Sunday!  Love ya!

Bangs, Straighten and Rat from Abby smith on Vimeo.

In order to view this video you must have the password which can be found right before the table of contents in the Ultimate Hairstyle Handbook.  The video tutorials that accompany this series of styles are a bonus for those who purchase my hairstyle book.  To find loads of free videos make sure to checkout my YouTube channel!

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24 thoughts on “Day 15- Straight hair + tips

  1. Okay, so I'm confused…I can just put baby powder in my hair in the morning before school and it won't look greasy? It won't show or anything?

  2. Anna you are so nice! I will have to admit that a little photoshop happens to those pictures. My skin isn’t really that flawless. It’s not bad skin or anything ha ha just not “perfect”! I do use Pro active though. LOVE it! And my natural color is at the bottom. I’m a bleacher! My hair is more of a dishwater blonde! Not too pretty!

  3. Is your hair naturally that color, because it looks very nice. And can you do a tutorial of how to do the natural look for makeup and how you usually do your makeup?

  4. I use only use the bed head stuff and the redkin protein stuff when I wash it. And the redkin stuff only goes in the ends. The bed head goes in the roots. And I use the hanna shield whenever I feel like it’s dry. So after a few days of not washing it, chances are I won’t use the hanna shield until I wash my hair again or it will just make it feel greasier. Just sort of depends! If it gets wet in the shower and I blow it dry a little bit, I’ll probably use the hanna shield. All depends on how my hair feels and what I’m doing to it! I usually won’t curl my hair or straighten it day three or four, so I wouldn’t need to shield… haha make sense?

  5. I’m curious how often you put all these products in? Like do you only put the thickifier in the day you wash it ? But you use the Hannah Shield every day you use heat ? And what about the protein? Thanks!

  6. How hot does your straightener get? I have hair that is wavy/curly, but I need a straightener that gets pretty hot for my thick hair!

  7. thanks for sharing! I’ve been waiting for you to explain your bangs! We don’t have a Sally’s around here so I’ve been looking everywhere for a 3-row comb for ratting. nothing yet.

  8. Harline Family!! Sorry I don’t know your first name!! But yes I know the feeling. I just use a tooooon of conditioner. Nice expensive conditioner. And when I get out of the shower my hair is like butter! I also try to do a leave in over night conditioner every once in awhile! As far as being greasy- there are a few threads somewhere that talk about what you can use for dark hair, I’ll try to find them. I think it’s like… leave in shampoo??? But I use baby powder! Absorbs all the moisture and leaves it smelling yummy! There are also some really awesome clips you can get at sally’s. One of them hold all my hair! I just twist it and wrap it in a bun and clip it on top of my head!

    Laura! I just used a leelou blog template. Easiest thing ever! I’m really not that great and the whole digital scrapbooking headers and all the html stuff. Go steal things!! Leelou blogs are awesome and shabby blogs and… visit She’s got a really good site!

    A Nest in the Making… sorry about not using your first name!! 🙂 If it gets really frizzy in the shower, it’s okay. Sometimes I even will get it a tiny bit wet because I’m just not careful. Just blow it dry afterwards with a brush and then I use that hanna shield and it takes out all the frizz!

  9. I can’t remember where I read it, but I read that people who don’t wash their hair everyday are healthier. And I believe it! I am a first year teacher this year and I have hardly got sick at all! I got sick all the time when I washed my hair everyday. I’m an every other day kind of girl, with an occasional 3 days. But I aspire for more because I HATE BLOW DRYING!!!

    Thanks, Sydney

  10. Oh my goodness! That makes SOOO much more sense! Ok, that I can do. I just thought you were saying not to shower, and I was thinking… eww! I know I wouldn’t look that good if I did’t shower for 4 days! And I definitely wouldn’t be smiling!

    I’m glad I asked then because I was so confused! I think the next step is going to be learning how to pin up my hair so it doesn’t get soaked in my little shower.

    Thanks again!

  11. I wash my hair every 3 days or so… but I use a shower cap (so old lady!) My husband thinks I’m silly. I find the steam in the shower frizzes up my hair WAY too much if it is left uncovered.

  12. Hi Abby, I’m a new follower and also a new blogger! I can’t wait to try out your hairstyles once my hair is a little longer! I was wondering how all you ladies get such beautiful layouts? Could you or someone else help a sister out? 🙂


  13. I have a hard time brushing my hair out after I wash it. I have long hair like you. I love having long hair but it is getting too frustrating and painful to brush. Is there a detangler that you have found that works? Or a shampoo/conditioner that helps. My hair gets greasy really quickly. I want something that isn’t going to contribute to making it greasy more quickly. Let me know if there is anything that you have found that helps. Thanks!

  14. Just found your blog and I am totally in love with you! Thank you for doing a 30 day hairstyle “what I wore” thing! It’s hard to mat h other ladies style when you are a different shape, or don’t have the money or access to shopping, but doing your hair automatically updates any look and makes sweats look like you meant to wear them 😉
    You are stunningly gorgeous and I love all of the hair styles so far! I’ve spent all morning reading old posts and my poor daughter (who hates getting her hair done) is actually excited about trying out some of these for me! Thanks!

  15. Oh no no no! I shower every day. I just clip my hair back so it doesn’t get wet. And I’m not even careful. If it does get a little wet I just use to blow dryer for a sec. And if my bangs get gross and I’m wearing them down, I’ll just get my bangs wet and re-dry them. Does that make sense?!

    Cassie, that’s good to know!! That makes sense though! Whitney- you do not have ugly hair. Stop that right now! You are GORGEOUS! But the Hanna shield will help keep it hydrated- you’ll love it! Careful of spills though because I lost like, half a bottle one day!

  16. Ok one more question! I’m sure you think I’m silly, but do you shower every day and just not wash your hair? Or are we talking about skipping a day’s shower. I ask because its 90-something degrees out right now and will be over 100 for most of the summer. Skipping a shower, in the summer anyway, just isn’t an option. But I could definitely swing this in the winter! And I am trying to take better care of my hair (not brushing it wet, using cool blow dryer, etc).

    Thanks so much for all the inspiration!

  17. Thanks for posting this one; I was one of the silent who wondered how you did your hair from scratch (wet) so I appreciate you showing us your techniques. 🙂

  18. Baby powder doesn’t work on dark hair, but dry shampoo does. And they even started to sell it in the grocery store brands. It saves my hair. I use it every week!