Day 2- braided crown


If you know how to french braid, you’re golden!  I just french braided one side into the middle and secured it with bobby pins.  Then I french braided the other side until it met with the side already pinned, and pinned them together!!  I then lightly three-barrelled the rest of my hair and straightened the ends!  Took about ten minutes

Cute, huh?!!
I’ll be back tomorrow with Day #3!

Abby Smith

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67 thoughts on “Day 2- braided crown

  1. this is amazing & soo creative! how do you do the last part of the braid though? (the part that almost looks like a ‘x’)??
    im planning on doing this for Prom this friday , i know thats really soon!! but i saw this on pinterest and i fell in love with it; can someone please explain the last part of the braid to me ?!?!

  2. i’d just like to say: i’ve never been so happy to find a new blog. i absolutely adore your hair and i can’t wait to try these out! your family looks beautiful, by the way

  3. this is oober cute!! im a high chool cheerleader and im always looking for new cute hairstyles that i can cheer in! if you have any ideas PLEASE SHARE!! ponytails or half up or anything with bangs up would be GREAT!!! btw your hair is GEORGEOUSSS!!

  4. found you from the linking party. Your hair looks beautiful. I’m anxious to try this but you make it sounds so easy. I have a feeling it won’t be so easy for me. lol!

  5. Hi Abby, Thanks for stopping by last week and sharing your hairstyling post on Fresh Clean and Pure Friday! I chose it to be one of the featured blog posts this week and hope that you can stop by and check it out and possibly share another great post!

  6. You guys are so sweet. And your nice comments have totally kept me going! I’m so glad you’ve been able to benefit from at least a few styles! When this dies down I plan on visting all your blogs if I haven’t already! And charity, thanks for the offer, I just barely barely did one that will post I think tomorrow! But thank you soooo much! K see you guys soon! Xoxo

  7. Very nice hairdo. I plan to follow ur blog as I also have long hair and can’t always figure out what to do with it. Also, I could probably do a french-braid your own hair tutorial for you if you would like.

  8. AHHHH! I love it! I am your newest follower. My hair is nearly the same at yours (Though a different color) and I can never figure out what to do with it. So classy!

  9. this would look gorgeous in my daughter’s hair…i’ll have to figure out how to make it look as lovely as yours…thanks for sharing at fridays unfolded!


    stuff and nonsense

  10. Beautiful!
    I would love for you to come link up at my new “Encouragement is Contagious!” linky party! You can share your favorite posts from someone else’s blog to encourage them, and share your favorite from your own blog and get lots of visits 🙂

    Have a great day!
    Melanie 🙂

  11. Hey! I found you from the HoH linky party! How crazy that I find you today, when just yesterday I was thinking how much I would love doing something interesting with my hair more often!

    I guess the first step will be to learn to french braid myself…

  12. You guys are the BEST followers EVVVVER!!! I totally love you all. And if you really really want to learn how to french braid, hop on over to youtube, there are thousands of tutorials!! I’ll post a good one on here in a little bit!

  13. Love you gorgeous hair! And this looks almost easy to do!(I’m going to try it on one of my all-grown daughters!!!)
    All Things Heart and Home

      1. Hey girl! Were you looking for something specific? I a new layout to answer comments so I’m much better at responding now!