Day 25- Straightener Curls

May 26, 2011

Today’s I’m featuring Micah Folsom Photography!  Do you not love these pictures or what?  Remember the photo shoot you guys helped me win?  Yeah, these are some of those!  I’m totally in love with her style of photography every image is so bright and crisp.  She’s a magician with light.  Go check her stuff out here.

These are what my curls look like when I curl with a straightener.  It took me my entire college career to figure out how to do this but I was just challenged back then.  It’s actually really simple you’ve just got to know the technique.  It’s all in your wrist!  After you’re done curling make sure to run through the curls to separate them.

So this video- PAIN IN MY BUTT!!!  It was really long.  And boring.  So I edited it a bit and put some music to it.  Then youtube said the music was copy-written.  BLAH.  So I had to start over.  You guys better enjoy this!  I’ve shortened it a lot, but the original video was 15 minutes.  Not bad huh?!

A few things to keep in mind:
1.  It’s all in the wrist
2.  Don’t be perfect with it.  It looks better messy and tangled
3.  Hairspray and rat.  That’s the key to the volume people
5.  Curl your hair AWAY from your face.  You want to switch the direction every now and again so that the curls don’t stick together.  But around the face- curl it AWAY.


In order to view this video you must have the password which can be found right before the table of contents in the Ultimate Hairstyle Handbook.  The video tutorials that accompany this series of styles are a bonus for those who purchase my hairstyle book.  To find loads of free videos make sure to checkout my YouTube channel!