Day 27- Fancy Schmancy

IMG_9675 IMG_9656 - Version 6
This is one of my absolute favorite hairstyles.  There’s a trick to holding all the hair with only a few bobby pins, but once you know it it’s super easy to figure out.  Skip ahead to minute 6 for bobby pin help!



Fancy Schmancy from Abby smith on Vimeo.

In order to view this video you must have the password which can be found right before the table of contents in the Ultimate Hairstyle Handbook.  The video tutorials that accompany this series of styles are a bonus for those who purchase my hairstyle book.  To find loads of free videos make sure to checkout my YouTube channel!

Abby Smith

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7 thoughts on “Day 27- Fancy Schmancy

  1. I’m so glad you explained how to do the bobby pins because I just wasn’t getting it on my own after watching the fancy half-up video. Thank you!!

  2. I’m so excited about this style. I have shorter hair than you so I haven’t been able to do all of the hair-dos but I think I can totally do this one! Thanks for all the posts!

  3. All I can say is WOWSERS! Love your blog sweetie, will stop by soon to take a looong look and watch videos. Going to follow you now 🙂 And wow, you have such a resemblance to Allison Mack!

  4. Found your site Friday and did the Fancy Half-Up this weekend. My husband noticed and said it looked pretty! =) Woohoo! Yay for changing up my boring ol’ hair styles! Thanks for these tutorials. HUGE help!