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Having a few transitional hairstyles are a must this holiday season.  They’re a huge time saver and come in handy during the busy busy holiday season where there are errands to run during the day and plenty of parties and events to go to at night.  This day to night hairstyle is made with your very basic french braid and if you’re looking for something simple, something that’ll fix a bad hair day, and something that’ll turn heads this is the style for you!  Follow the jump for more pictures, the video tutorial and step by step instructions!

Day Style: casual side braid


Night Style: Braided Side Bun

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Step by Step Instructions:

Prep (damp hair): Spritz Kenra Platinum Blow Dry Spray throughout the hair to give it shine, heat protection and to speed up the blow drying process.  This stuff you guys — it’s amazing and it was on my favorite products of 2014 list.  Then use Kenra Volume Mousse Extra 17 for body and volume.  I normally don’t like mousse because it leaves my roots feeling sticky and stiff but the Kenra Mousse doesn’t leave any residue so you get the body and volume and your roots are still soft and braid-able.

1| Starting at the part on the thin side of your head create a regular french braid (dutch or inverted would be gorgeous here too) following the hairline.  Braid until the middle of your head and finish off with a three strand braid before tying off with a clear elastic.  I used Kenra Platinum Texturizing Taffy (this stuff smells like laffy taffy, I seriously want to eat it whenever I open the jar and it was also on my favorite products of 2014 list)  to smooth fly-a-ways and define the braid.

2-3| Begin another french braid, making sure to smooth those fly-a-ways down, following the hairline until you reach the middle of your head.  Finish off with a three strand braid just like in step #1 before tying off with clear elastic.  I used thick slices of hair because I wanted a thick and loose braid.  If you want something tighter, go ahead and use thinner slices while french braiding.  Also, you could do a million different things here.  It’d be cute to do two thin dutch braids, or a dutch braid and a french fishtail braid — the options are limitless.  I just wanted something very simple and very approachable for those who aren’t 100% confident in braiding.

4| Remove the elastics at the end of both braids and merry them together finishing off with a three strand braid.  Finish off by using a strong hairspray, my favorite is and always has been Kenra Volume Spray 25.  It’s worth the price, it lasts forever and it’s a strong, flexible hold that doesn’t cake product onto your hair.


1| Where the two braids meet, make a hole with your fingers

2| Flip the braid up and through the hole (a topsy tail).  Doing this will help your hair move in the direction you want it to.

3| Make the bun by bringing the braid towards your face and wrapping it up and around.  You’ll want bobby pins ready so that you can pin as you go.  Pull and tug on the secured braid to make it look as fluffy, messy or crisp and clean as you’d like.  When finished, spray the style with some Kenra Volume Spray 25 so that style holds all night.

And to finish it off, a video tutorial in case the step-by-steps are nothing but confusion!

This post was sponsored by Kenra Professional but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


Abby Smith

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