DIY Bohemian Braids

September 3, 2014

bohemian braids for short hair

Let me just start off by saying… Since I cut my hair I haven’t been able to pull off a side braid.  And if there’s one thing you need to know about me it’s that I LOVE side braids.  I love them for clean hair, for dirty hair, with casual outfits, with dressy outfits.  I love them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  You guys.  A side braid was like, my thing.  My go-to hairstyle.  So there’s been a little bit of a home sickness for them.  But really there has… ha!  This braided updo isn’t a side braid, but I find myself wearing it like one.  I wear it with all types of outfits, no matter what kind of condition my hair is in and I find that it just always works and it stays put.  Bam.  Happiness right there am I right?!

Step by Step Instructions:

1) Divide the hair into four sections.  Braid the first section and tie off
2) Braid the other three sections and tie off
3) Take the third braid and wrap it over and under the second braid
4) Pin that section in place
5) Take the second braid and wrap it around your finger and back around, tucking under any ends that poke out
6) Secure with a bobby pins or two
7) Take the fourth braid

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Shirt: c/o Pink Blush | Necklace: c/o Tiny Dazzles

Right now I’m in New York.  At least I will be when the publishes.  I should arrive sometime tonight and then the craziness of new york fashion week with tresemme begins.  I’m super excited!!  I’ll be back later this week to tell you alllll about it!  My week is crazy, I fly home on Sunday (after church of course) and then the kids and I fly to Ohio on Tuesday to meet up with Brian and all of our stuff.  It’s been an insane past couple of weeks and I’m excited to have you guys be a part of it all.  Until then, xoxo