Easy Faux Hawk Tutorial

Faux Hawk Tutorial


Easy Faux Hawk Tutorial

Oh, New York Fashion week — how I love thee! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go this year but I was so excited to follow from a distance There’s just magic in the air and it’s been so fun to see the street style, the hairstyles, and trends that walked the runway and just the buzz of it all is so exciting.  

In lieu of the most magical week of the year I decided to do a little throwback to the hairstyle I wore a couple years ago with TRESemme and put together a new and improved faux hawk tutorial.

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I asked for something edgy (when in Rome right?!) and my stylist gave me this awesome braided faux hawk.  Because it is so edgy, though, I wanted to share a faux hawk tutorial that was not only SUPER easy – like I’m talking this needs to become your new mom bun easy – but one that had more of a romantic vs edgy vibe and perfectly wearable for every day.

So this is what I was inspired to create and you NEED to watch this faux hawk tutorial video and see just how easy it is! This hairstyle is perfect for those days when your hair will do nothing because you haven’t washed it in 6 days! You know who you are! 😉 


Faux Hawk Tutorial


As I’m sure you can guess, this easy faux hawk hairstyle is made from a few messy buns!  You can wear it as a full on up-do or a more casual half-up style!  


Faux Hawk Tutorial

If you want to see this hairstyle out on the street, check out my last outfit post, Sunday Style + You Are His!  I’ve been wearing it ALL over the place- church, to the gym, just to hang around the house in.  It’s great cause you can start the day with your hair on your shoulders and then if it’s gettin’ in the way – tie it back!

I’ve been wearing this hairstyle ALL over the place- church, to the gym, just to hang around the house in. It’s great cause you can start the day with your hair on your shoulders and then if it’s gettin’ in the way – tie it back!




And I’m sorry I’ve been a little absent as of late, we are finally getting the hang of this new school schedule and I’m getting back into the groove of creating awesome hair and style content just for you! I sure do love you guys!

Abby Smith

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8 thoughts on “Easy Faux Hawk Tutorial

  1. Oh my gosh this saved me last night! Thank you sooo much! Dirty hair yesterday and other half decides we’re going out at 9, giving me 15 mins to get ready. A bit of back combing and a quick throw up and it looked great.
    Thank you Abby xxx
    Brandie- maybe you are putting the elastics in too tight? Mine are tiny and I only did the slide through and wrap once, the bands don’t need to hold it tight as the pins hold it up and in. Hope it helps xx

  2. I love this hairstyle and have tried it several times! But the elastics keep breaking. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. I got the small clear elastics from Sally’s and am using small sections of hair… Help! Thanks for any suggestions, I love the way this looks, especially at work!!! XOXO – Brandie

  3. This style is so unique and your tutorial makes it look effortless. To me it looks festive and sophisticated, something I could wear to a party or a Saturday night out. However, I am a bit concerned, as I think a lot of the final effect has to do with your special ombre hair color, I’m not sure it will work so well with my uniform color. Certainly willing to give it a try, though ?. Thanks for the inspiration!


  4. So I wanted to ask what brand of clip-ins you like to use. I own some from Sally’s Beauty that have worked great but I’d like to purchase some of better quality. My concern is that the higher quality wefts may be heavier and not wear as comfortably. I have just about seams texture/thickness as you. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! These babies are like an investment!! Ha!