Pattern Mixing with Hayley

Remember my gorgeous little sis?  She’s back.  And don’t worry- I totally forced her into doing this for me.  She has this amazing sense of fashion though!  Story: Two years ago my older sister Mel and I kept making fun of how she was dressing.  Behind her back of course.  HA!  She was always wearing blah neutral colors.  Mel and I were like, “Hey GRANDMA, tone down that outfit”!  And she’d say “You guys just wait.  I’m building a wardrobe here”.  And were like… yaaaaa suuuure.  Fast forward two years and Mel and I are still wearing our cheap Old Navy clothes that never fit the same after their washed and Hayley has finally built up her wardrobe.  She’s totally showing off bright colors and crazy patterns.  We hate her.  Well we would if we didn’t want to be just like her!  She started off with boring staples though.  A few white blouses, a navy blue blazer blah blah.  She saved her money and bought nice clothes slowly.  And now she’s got this amazing wardrobe filled with really great clothes.  I don’t want to say expensive clothes because I know she shopped sales and found good deals but they weren’t cheap.  And now I’ve just wasted a bunch of money on cheap crap I have to re-buy next season.  Don’t you hate that?!Without further adieu- here is Hayley!  Gotta lover her!

Florals, Polka Dots, Stripes and Such 
Nowadays you can pretty much mix and match any color or pattern you want.  Tis the season to be bold and bright!   It can definitely be challenging though putting together that perfect outfit.  Below are just a few style tips I’ve found helpful for me and I hope they can be helpful for you too!
Style Tip 1- Mix polka dots with stripes.  Just make sure one is bolder than the other
Style tip 2- Put vertical stripes with horizontal stripes
Style tip 3- Wear different hues of the same color
Style tip 4- Tie a long button up in the front and mix prints.  Definitely mix prints
Style tip 5- Tuck your shirt half in
The best place to go for inspiration, at least in my case, is the JCrew Catalog.  JCrew calls it “The Style Guide”.  It has so many great ideas on how to mix prints, colors and how to dress for your body.  Some of the styles are bit too out there for me but I can always find something new I want to try.  Whether it’s putting big stripes with small stripes or a cool new way to roll up your sleeves.  You can sign up for the free catalog here
  Now go through your closet and be creative in the ways you layer your clothes.  It’s all about expressing yourself and your personality through what you wear.  And if you like it- wear it!  Because these days just about anything goes!

Abby Smith

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