Green Jello with Carrots

Green Jello with Carrots is giving away a $25.00 gift certificate to their store!  If you are unfamiliar with their store/blog- you’re going to die!  It’s full of free downloads, coloring book print outs, religious clip art, family fun games, file folder activities, primary talks and the list goes on and on!
File Folder Activities
Young Women Handouts
Primary Talks

Seriously.  I could go on forever.  The options are endless and they have SO many freebies too!  So if you’re not interested in entering the giveaway, at least go check out their blog and all it’s awesome stuff!

To win:
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1) Follow Green Jello with Carrots Blog
2) Leave a comment below
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4) Tweet/FB/Blog about Green Jello with Carrots
Email me girlie!  Thanks again to Elizabeth for hosting such a fun giveaway!


Abby Smith

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