Happy Easter!

In the middle of all the easter egg hunts, the yummy treats and bunny crafts I couldn’t help but stop and remember my Savior.  Life has a funny way of helping you forget your purpose…  The days are so long and busy and it’s incredibly easy to let the world in.  The shows on TV, the loud facebook posts, the busy list of to-do’s.  It’s easy to forget the Savior.  That He’s here.  That He’s listening.  That He’s waiting for us to come unto Him.  To remember Him.  To give Him as much time as we give everyone else.  

Elder Ballard, one of my heroes, spoke at out church service last night and this morning.  While I was wrestling the kids most of the time, I heard his message loud and clear.  To live in such a way that you can let the Spirit influence your life.  There’s definitely a disconnect lately… people learn the gospel of Christ.  It’s in their brains.  But that means nothing unless it’s in their hearts.  I block out the Spirit everyday by small choices I make… by filling my day so full I don’t have time to listen.  By arguing with the kids, instead of trying to understand them.  By feeling resentful after cleaning up mess after mess instead of seeing it as an act of service.  I’m so grateful that I do feel the spirit!  It might not be every day, but it’s undeniable when I’m listening for Him.  It’s a warm love, a hope and clarity on how I need to redirect my life to be more in line with what the Savior teaches.  I’m grateful that He has broken the bands of death, that He atoned for my sins, was crucified on the cross and resurrected from the dead.  It means that I get to live again!  It means that after this life, I get to continue growing and progressing.  It means I get to be with my family forever!!!  And there’s no greater feeling knowing that this life isn’t just because… but that there’s a purpose and a reason and a plan. And a loving Father in Heaven who is there trying to guide you through it all.

There’s nothing that brings the spirit into the room more than when I watch these beautiful videos my church has produced of the Saviors life.  Of His sacrifice.  If you haven’t seen this video below, watch it!  It will give you a beautiful hope that will change everything.

“Wherever He walked, wherever He talked, wherever He healed… He changed everything.  Then everything changed.  The man they called Master, Messiah, friend, was gone.  But the greatest miracle was yet to come.  He is not here, He is risen.  HE LIVES.  And because He lives… If you reach out, call out, cry out He is here.  Then, now, and always. He is here.  During the good, the bad, the in-between, He is here. No matter who you are, or who you were, He is here. No exceptions.  No lost causes.  At all times, in all places He is here.  He rose on the third day.  He lives today.  Find him.

I know He lives today and I’m going to focus my energy on finding Him more throughout my every day.  On teaching my kids how to find Him and helping others to know Him through knowing me.  Happy Easter my beautiful friends, I’m so grateful to know you.  And if you’re ever interested in learning more about what I believe, you can find out what you need to know at mormon.org.


Abby Smith

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