Mommy/Daughter Shenanigans


 Last night it hit me… and guys, it hit me hard.  My little Savy girl is growing up.  Chances are high she’ll be my only girl and even if we can convince Brian to try for a sassy little sister in the future, one thing is for certain.  There will never be another Savy.  And so before she grows all up and I can’t force her to wear matching outfits, I’ve decided to share more of this space on the blog with her!

We planned a little trip to the nursery on Saturday because I have a few new planters to fill (just bought these here) and I took her along as my +1.  Can I just say, taking pictures with her is SO much more fun than doing them alone!  It’s like a planned out mommy-daughter-date where we don’t have to share each other with any annoying little brothers and let me tell ya, when she’s the center of attention she’s like a dream child ha ha!  So welcome my little side kick, my partner in crime, my mini-me, my reason for waking up in the morning — Savy Jane everyone!  








^^ Okay but seriously?  Matching CHUCKS?!  Savy’s here | Mine here



Did I got over board with the matching outfits?  Um… no.  No I did not.  Why did I ever wait this long to dress her up as my mini me?!  I’m gonna have so much fun making up for lost time!  If you wanna shop our look I’ve linked up the items below.  xoxo

Savy:  Top with Ruffled Sleeves | Star Overalls | Hello Kitty Rain Coat | Shoes: c/o Rack Room Shoes | Hair Bows: c/o Dash of Sass
Momma: Relaxed Tee | Distressed Skinny Overalls | Crossbody Bag | Shoes: c/o Rack Room Shoes | Watch: c/o Arvo

Abby Smith

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6 thoughts on “Mommy/Daughter Shenanigans

  1. Oh, I can’t even tell you how much I LOVE this! First of all, how cute are those skinny overalls?! They’ve gotten a lot more fashionable since the 90s. 🙂
    And second, the matching pink shoes are adorable; let’s totally make it a trend!