Savy’s Pink Room

You better believe this room makes me happy.  Every time I walk into Savy’s room I hear angels singing… “ahhhhhh ahhh”.  It’s beautiful.  ha haaa!!  This is the only room in our entire house that is actually “decorated”.  If we had money I would have done things completely different but considering my resources I am super happy with how it turned out.
This week I’ll be sharing all the little projects that make up this room.  Hope ya don’t mind.  I’ve gotta get it off my chest though.  Cause for real, I’ve been meaning to check this room off my to do list since September.  So yes, I will be indulging.


Abby Smith

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37 thoughts on “Savy’s Pink Room

    1. The picture frames are from my moms storage closet from years ago. They were this nasty pink color that I sprayed white. I was at Hobby Lobby though getting the mats for the pictures and I saw some really similar. Thin white squares. You could check there!

  1. Oh I’m so glad you guys like it!!! I got the mirror at Ikea for like… $35? I bought it for another room and it just ended up in Savy’s room. So thankful too because I had no idea what I was going to do with all her bows! I use to have bows around the whole thing but she’s started grabbing them.

  2. so so pretty! my daughter, who’s 11 now, had such a sweet pink room with very girly white furniture…and then she grew into a sporty preteen who did NOT like anything very girly (so unlike her big sisters!) now her walls are covered with posters of One Direction and Justin Biebe and she traded in the white sleigh bed for a locker style loft bed…sigh

    1. Ooohh moomm!! I love you and miss you sooo much! I’ve been working on these little projects since we moved here! But I actually don’t know when I sleep. On Saturdays. When Brian takes the kids in the mornings?! hah a