Vine Vera Vitamin C Collection + GIVEAWAY CLOSED


I was given the Vine Vera Vitamin C set to use and review a couple months back and I’m finally ready to reveal my findings!  First let me tell you a little bit about Vine Vera.  Vine Vera products combine a signature anti-aging ingredient called Resveratrol.  Resveratrol is extracted from the skin of red grapes, which is one of the most powerful antioxidants in nature and also activates cellular renewal to slow time’s visible effects on the skin.  I used the cleanser and day cream for a few weeks and unfortunately my skin is super sensitive to fragrance.  I quit using it after the third week but in retrospect, I probably should have just kept at it. I know sometimes products work by pulling all the gunk and bacteria out of the skin and to the surface before sloughing off.  It could very well have cleared up and I just didn’t let it finish it’s process.  I kept on using the Vitamin C Peeling though, and have really fallen in love with it.  I can’t even describe how it feels on the skin.  It goes on sort of like a cold jelly and then when you rub it onto your skin you can literally feel it smoothing out and cleansing the skin.  You let it sit on the skin for a sec and then you wash it off with cold water which feels amazing.  When you wash it off you can literally feel your skin squeak it’s so clean, I honestly have no words to describe it.  It’s got a very citric fragrance which I absolutely love.  We all know that citrus fruits are packed with vitamin C and can increase energy and alertness.  Simply smelling a citrus fruit can trick your brain and shake your senses.  Same thing with this Vitamin C Peeling.  The citric fragrance stimulates your senses and then combined with the amazing benefits of Vitamin C and Resveratrol, you have yourself a product full of punch.  Over the past couple months I’ve noticed my skin is softer and smoother and the puffiness and dark circles under my eyes have gone down.  You only use it 1 to 2 times a week so the jar will last quite awhile.

Vine Vera is hosting a $500 product giveaway right now on their blog, all you need to do is a leave a comment below and then hop on over and submit your entry.  Easy peasey.  They’re also offering Twist Me Pretty readers 20% off all products at  Simply use the code TMP20OFF at checkout!  Hopefully this review peeks your interest and definitely give it a try if you’re looking into anti-aging products or contemplating botox.  The effects of this are gradual but I think you’ll really like the way it makes your skin look and feel!

Thanks Vine Vera for sponsoring this post.  All opinions are my own. 

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228 thoughts on “Vine Vera Vitamin C Collection + GIVEAWAY CLOSED

  1. I’ve read that products with Vitamin C and Resveratrol are GREAT for your skin. I would love to try this product line. It sounds amazing!

  2. The Vine Vera Vitamin C Peeling sounds like a great product, I’d love to give it a try, in fact I’d love to try the cleanser and moisturizer as well. Thank you for sharing this review.

  3. Nice review! I love a product that will leave my skin really clean …and the citrus-y scent is a bonus. Sounds like over time it has given you an improvement in your skin. I’d definitely give this one a try.

  4. Would love to win this giveaways and give it to my sister as a present. I know she would love to try products from Vine Vera too. πŸ™‚

  5. Very soft, gentle and supported line. I started with Vine Vera 15 days ago and regret that didn’t start a couple years ago.

  6. Thanks for your honest review! all the reviews I’ve read on this line have been very positive and I’d love the opportunity to use them

  7. Great review. I believe in the power of vitamin C and think that in larger doses it can really fight a lot of health problems in people. I also believe that pharmaceutical companies know this and so don’t tell anyone to continue making a fortune from us in medicines! How refreshing to see that it is starting to get used in products!

  8. Looked in the mirror this morning ……….went to the web to search products to slow down the “aging gracefully look”! Good information. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I seen visible results from first apply, I feel the difference. Loved the cleanser set, face peeling gel, day and night cream too. I tried them for first time, I feel the difference. I’m looking forward to being a lifelong customer! I would like to thank you for very good products. I tried so many face products, and they came out no results. This Vine Vera the best ever tried.Fantastic products for me and my skin.

  10. I’m glad I read your review. I am trying to get a few more products from the Vine Vera line and I can’t decide which collection to go with. I have the Zinfandel Serum & Radiant Cream and the Merlot Peeling (which I also absolutely love!)& I was thinking about getting the 3 piece set in the Vitamin C collection that you tried, but I also can’t do strong perfumed skin care products. I like fragrance free if at all possible & I wish more brands would have them (like Clinique). I noticed that VV is having a BOGO promotion & you have the 20% off promo code so I just have to see how I can get the best deal & get started on my little ‘Skin-venture’. Once that happens I am sure to go around and leave reviews all over the place, be they Negative (hope NOT) or Positive (YaY!)…Thanks for the Heads Up!

  11. I really would love to try this. I believe I’ve seen this in some of the hotels in Las Vegas and I’m always too cheap to spend the money on it. I would love to win it!

  12. The citric fragrance sounds amazing. I also like that it has vitamin C in it, something I don’t get enough of now. I’ve tried other anti-aging products that don’t have all the benefits in that this does, like helping with puffiness and dark circles. I would really love to win this Vine Vera Vitamin C Collection to try. Thank you for the detailed review. It has been very helpful in understanding this product a little more. I just turned 40 and noticed more wrinkles creeping up around my eyes and forehead.

  13. I’m new to the Vine Vera product line and am happy to be introduced to their products by your informative review. I love to use skin care products that are enriched with Vitamin C. They really do make my skin radiant.

  14. I love the citrus scent in my products and the extra vitamin C. I think it brightens your skin too. Thanks for sharing

  15. I’m excited to try this! Thanks for your detailed and thorough review. I absolutely love trying new beauty products!!

  16. The Vitamin C Peeling sounds divine and is exactly what I’m looking for! I also love the smell of citrus. I have issues with strong fragrances that smell like perfume, but never with citrus.

  17. i purchased a couple sets of vine Vera today after a complimentary facial. I immediately fell in love purchased today cream night crem, cleaners, eye we as well. I seen visible results immediately could feel and notice the difference. Loved the mask, you apply twice a month, the jar will last a couple years. The puffiness and dark circles were remarkable difference after my first application today. I’m looking forward to being a lifelong customer!
    Thank you for sharing your results. I Love have super sensitive skin as well

  18. Always looking to try out anti aging products that fit my needs, very little on the wrinkle side, but some dark spots that appeared all of a sudden and a bit of sagging, I tried a couple of Vit C products that seem to somewhat help with those expression lines on my forehead, but I have yet to find a product that helps me more with my dark spot issue and provides a lifting effect, that would be amazing!

  19. Your skin looks amazing! I need a peel product — my skin is certainly aging, and it gets duller by teh day. I love citrus scents, too!

  20. I’ll be 44 in a few weeks, so I’m always looking for amazing anti-aging products. Citrus fragrances are my absolute favorite. You wrote a nice review and I hope I get to try these products. πŸ™‚

  21. I just got back from Hawaii where I was introduced to these wonderful products. I am 65 years old and was even contemplating a mini facelift – but now I am going to use these products. They demonstrated how they work on one side of my face and my husband and I were amazed. They really do work!

  22. I’ve read vitamin C does miracles in our bodies, and when taken in pills it gives an extraordinary glow in all the skin. I would love to try these products, it’s good to know that it is natural, no chemicals. I want to win this giveaway. Thank you Vine Vera.

  23. this sounds like something I surely need, my skin is often either too dry or oily, this sounds like something I need to help replenish my skin, thanks for share and great review πŸ™‚ @tisonlyme143

  24. I wonder if this is what I need for my aging skin. I have heard many praises of vitamin c but have not tried it yet. thanks for the review and for introducing me to this company.

  25. My daughter uses a Vitamin C facial product line, she really likes it. I haven’t tried them yet but hope to do so soon. This sounds like a great product.

  26. OH my this would be wonderful! I am with you on many of the skin issues. I have European mutt skin so I have some freckles, lovely blotches from having kids, acne scars from being a teen and NOW 34 yrs old and having surgical menopause and my skin is just going through the toilet. I was told to use some VitC and just have a hard time finding anything I can even afford! This would be a blessing! PS I LOVE how coordinated your freckles are. I have splotch here, there but not cute clusters. My daughters do. lol I got jipped I think!

  27. I am starting to use anti aging products and I find this Vine Vera Vitamin C very interesting product to try since it combines anti aging ingredient called Resveratrol.

  28. hey I won the last $500 draw, of course that was for the wife, she’s leaning
    toward the vitamin c collection…. now it’s my turn to win from the Men’s collection!

  29. I’ve never heard of or tried Vine Vera but its good to know that it alleviates dark circles under the eyes along with puffiness.

  30. Great review. I’ve recently started to use anti-aging products and I’m very interested in everything that helps my skin look great.

  31. Sounds like she really liked the product but had a reaction to the scent. All and all she could see some real benefits for using them.

  32. I only discovered this product through a boutique introduction in Nanaimo a week ago, so I have yet to see whether it can conquer the red blotches that regularly appear on my face. However, some people have already said that my face is looking better. Catch me again in a few weeks and I’ll let you know whether the blotches have gone away, which I already expect.

  33. Fi also have sensitive skin but I think with this product I would continue to keep using in hopes my face would adjust. You have me so interested in the Vitamin C. Thanks for the honest info

  34. Love to try this product as vitamin C is one of the best ingredients for glowing younger skin. Add the skin of red grapes and you have a fountain of youth. Can’t wait to give it a go!

  35. I’ve been looking for something to help my skin feel softer and smoother. I’ll have to try this out to get rid of that leathery feel! Thank you.

  36. I think this is absolutely amazing Im dealing with the signs of aging at a younger age and I have sensitive skin. It is great to know it wont affect my skin in a negative way but a very healthy way. Wonderful post!

  37. The Vine Vera vitamin c collection looks so lovely.I am envious of this beauty product now and need all the help I can get to have healthy glowing skin.Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  38. This line looks ah-ma-aing! I am always searching for the perfect skin care regimens and have yet to find one that I totally love!

  39. i dis agree with you you. were wise to have stoped taking that product when you skin had a bad reaction before there was permanent damage i am glad the other products worked out well

  40. I have never used Vine Vera products before but I would love to try this Vine Vera Vitamin C set, and after reading this review I have really got to try the Vitamin C Peeling. Thank you for sharing this post.

  41. I would love to try this it seems like you really like it I love that its citruis and has vitamin c in it and helps with energy

  42. great review. would have loved to know whether the caused your issues or was it the cleansing process working. However the peel sounds amazing

  43. I understand that Resveratrol targets the visible signs of skin ageing and restores it right before your very eyes! I would love to see what effect Vine Vera Vitamin C has on my Florida sun damaged skin! Thanks for the chance!

  44. I know how good vita C is for us, internally! So it intrigues me to see how it would be externally. I am interested in this for sure. as I grow older, my skin is changing. It is better than it was when I was young! How funny. But I DO have to keep it moisturized, and I do think a gentle peel like this would be wonderful.

  45. I love the smell of citrus products. I also love gel based products since they seem to work better for my skin type. An added bonus is when its hot out gel type products feel refreshing on the skin.

  46. Vine Vera products combine a signature anti-aging ingredient called Resveratrol and Resveratrol is extracted from the skin of red grapes, which is one of the most powerful antioxidants in nature and also activates cellular renewal to slow time’s visible effects on the skin. The citric fragrance stimulates your senses and then combined with the amazing benefits of Vitamin C and Resveratrol, you have yourself a product full of punch.

  47. Vine Vera products are great for any age. The ingredients such as the antioxidant reservatol in each one is truly a delicacy, it nourishes and protects the skin. I would love to try the Vitamin C collection, the peeling treatment seems fantastic!

  48. Wow.. Ive been looking for something perfect for my healing skin.. Just recently decided to really put effort into REALLY quitting smoking. My skin IS A MESS πŸ™ Ive been doing a lot of research on how to turn my skin around and this looks absolutely PERFECT. Thanks so much for the review!! Very useful info for me!! Appreciated!!

  49. I have heard so much about Vitamin C this miracle secret top product that many stars celebrities use, always wonder how great it really is. This will be a great chance for me to try out as I don’t have to be a star but also can look beautiful radiant, especially at my age. Thank you for this give away contest love to win to benefit and enjoy Yine Vera’s Vitamin C products!!

  50. Great review-thanks. I want to try this ASAP! My skin has been looking a big dull, this may be just what I’ve been looking for πŸ˜‰

  51. Sounds like amazing abilities to every visible part of your skin hair and an additional glow all will notice. But for proof I need some to use and then convince the women who will embrace it. Let me be The 1

  52. I’ve been starting to use more products with active vitamin C in them. The results have been great! Awesome review I’ll have to give these products a try for myself!

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