The Jumbo Three Barrel

March 28, 2012

IMG_0052 (1)
So I met this girl the other day.  And her hair was goooorgeous.  It looked like she had three barreled it but it wasn’t super tight so I couldn’t tell what she had done.  Of course I had to ask her.  Because that’s the only way to find out peoples secrets!  I’m not ashamed.  HA!  She told me she used a jumbo three barrel.  A jumbo what I said?  Just like a blonde would.  Who knew this was such a thing?  I HAD NO IDEA THEY SOLD JUMBO THREE BARRELS!How do you like it?

This sucker is HUGE.  It honestly took five minutes to three barrel my entire head of hair- that’s how huge this three barrel is.  I spent $35 on it at Sally’s Beauty Supply.

Was it worth it?  I don’t know… you tell me!  I think it’s pretty dang awesome!

If you’re curious to know how I styled my bangs, click here.  All it is is a Bohemian Twist.  The video will be private until you buy my ebook… sorry ’bout that.  It’s only $4.99 though and it’s aaaaahhmazing, sung in my best operatic voice!  Oh and if you’re curious, the waves I have in my Bohemian Twist pictures- I used a regular three barrel.  Oh my goodness I love the jumbo.  That’s all I have to say.



  • I like it! And I love your ebook. and your video that go with the ebook are awesome!!! so worth the $4.99.

  • This is gorgeous. YOU are gorgeous! Love it! My hair looks like this if I let it dry naturally 🙂

  • It looks super cute! Now I want to see if it would work on my stick straight hair and look somewhat wavy! 🙂

  • !!!! I have been searching for one of these for yearrrrs. One of my best friends in high school had one and I would ALWAYS want to use it. Looks like I might be headed to Sally’s soon!

  • I used to do my hair like that in college all the time. I had a crimping iron with interchangeable plates and the wavy one was my favourite.

  • It looks so cute! Too bad I just chopped my hair off.

  • looks BEAUTIFUL on you! my hair does that naturally trust me it gets beastly haha! love love love!

    xx Kelly

  • I love love LOVE the waves and with the bangs, it is even more amazing. It reminds me of a mermaid <3

    With all of the products and heat you must use on your hair, how do you keep it so healthy at that length??? I just cut 11 inches off of mine and I figure if I grow it back out, I want to make sure I treat it right.

  • Would this three barrel thingy work for shoulder length hair. I also chopped my hair off and I am hating my short hair. I can not wait for it to grow. Maybe not the jumbo three barrel but a regular three barrel maybe???