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Shift Dress: c/o Choies
Yeah that’s right, my skin sucks.  For those of you who think I have flawless skin… I’m sorry I’ve been deceptive.  My skin goes through cycles and right now… I’m going through a bad one haha!  I’m fairly positive I need to start changing my pillow case like every other day and I also need to stop sleeping on my hand.  But how do you force yourself to not sleep on your hand?  I must be doomed for life.
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We’ve become great friends over the last few weeks… maybe even best friends.
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So there is absolutely zero retouching on these photos.  As you can see, the breakouts are still there.  Nothing erases zits in real life- dangit.  But the overall texture and skin tone are 10000% times better!  Click here to get a TEMPTU Starter Kit — it’s on super sale :)
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Checkout my video tutorial for all the in’s and out’s of the TEMPTU AIRbrush Makeup System.

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I was asked to recreate one of my favorite beauty trends from the Spring 2014 runway shows.  I loved the Neo Romantic collection from Nanette Lepore.  It brought such a girly and romantic vibe to the runway.  I loved the ditzy floral prints and the bold lips– I’m such a sucker for bold lips.  Because it’s still winter, I thought I’d go with a small floral print dress in winter colors, some bold lips, careless curls and of course, a flawless face.
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Do you Temptu?  Click here to get a Temptu Starter Kit featuring three colors for $150.  However a fabulous reader notified me that if you use the coupon code TEMPTU10 it brings the total down to $135!!  If you’re interested, this deal isn’t coming back so I’d hurry and get yours now!!
** This post was sponsored by temptu.  All opinions are my own**

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  1. jamiegail

    This makeup looks absolutely gorgeous!

    I also have acne prone skin that seems to get better and worse for no reason. I started using Apple Cider vinegar, as a toner NOT drinking it, on my face and notices a drastic improvement that seems to be lasting longer than any other product I have tried. I got the idea here It’s also nice that it’s SUPER affordable.

  2. Because Shanna Said So

    I found you on the Fashion Indie site with all the tutorials. I am so glad I did. I have crappy skin too and have always battled acne. I have finally gotten it somewhat under control with Rodan + Fields Unblemish. Anyway, I have never wanted to do a tutorial because of my skin and you just inspired me to go for it. It’s refreshing that you have enough confidence to show everyone your true self and that you don’t have flawless skin. There are sooooo many of us out there!! I totally voted for you because of this and loved your tutorial.

  3. Stefany Hiatt

    Totally understand the sleeping on my hand problem! Or sleeping too close to your husband that never washes his face… I don’t know if you have that problem too haha. Just wanted you to know you are super photogenic! So glad I am following you now on bloglovin :) I need more beauty blogger tips!

  4. jaime

    Just a thought – You could wear white cotton gloves while you sleep? In theory, you could do double duty by applying lotion, then gloves, but it would also keep oils from your hands from transferring to your face. It may not be the most attractive, unless your guy is in to mimes, but it might help your face.

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