Waterfall Top Knot | Day 16

April 1, 2014

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What?  I’m not weird.  Why would you say that?  I’m FUN!  hehe!  I saw todays hairstyle on Albion Fits homepage months ago and immediately knew I needed to figure it out.  It’s simply a waterfall braid with the falling pieces falling back instead of down.  Genius right?  I wish I could take credit.  I love that the braid is flat against your head, it doesn’t poke out which leaves your face shape in tact.  I tend to shy away from styles that frame my face weird or give me an awkward shape.  This one is just perfect.  It’s fun and flirty, it’d be great to wear to the gym, to soccer practice, cheer practice, and when you’re running errands being mom.

Step-by-step Instructions:

  1. Section off a chunk of hair from one inch behind the ears and up.  Tie the rest of the hair into a clip
  2. Divide a one inch section next to your part into three sections
  3. We are going to braid the front section over the middle section and then braid the back section over the middle section
  4. The new back section is going to be clipped back onto the ponytail.  We just want to get it out of the way.
  5. Then replace the section we just dropped with a new section from behind the braid
  6. That new section is going to go over the middle section, all three sections will be transferred into the back hand and then add a new section of hair to the front section
  7. Braid the front section over the middle section, and braid the back section over the middle section
  8. Drop that back section into the clip and replace with a new section.
  9. Continue these steps until you’ve wrapped the braid around to your ear.  Tie off with a bobby pin
  10. Tie the hair up into a messy bun and spray with hairspray

This hairstyle is much easier to understand when you watch the video!  The video is at the bottom of this post — MUAH!

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  • Michelle

    This is my favorite one yet! I have always wanted to master the waterfall braid, I am going to have to keep practicing! 🙂

  • Abby P.

    That was so hard! I watched the video multiple times and my crazy mind just couldn’t get a grip on what you were doing! Lol! Maybe filming from a top angle would help? Also, before you put it into a bun, it looked like a headband, which reminded me to ask: can you do some kind of headband that’s different from the usually French braiding? Something quick and easy for any occasion! Thanks!

    • Abby

      Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that! Yeah as I was doing the voiceovers I was trying to hard to explain it in a way that people would understand. I’d suggest becoming familiar with the regular waterfall braid and then coming back to this one. Once you get it though you’ll be like— ooooooohhh!!! haha! I’ll try to think of something. Yeah I like this style down too, the braided headband is a nice touch cause it’s different than a regular braid! Good luck, keep trying!

  • Love it! Very cute, can’t wait to master it.

  • Heather

    LOVE your stuff! I saw you on CGH,which I always watch for ideas for my girls, but found not too many of Mindy’s hairstyles looked awesome on me- so so glad I found your tutorials to give me a grown-up way to rock braids- although it is annoying to get stopped all the time for people to check out my hair! At least I can just send them to you instead of having to explain how to do a 5 sided Dutch braid while I’m trying to check out at Target 😉 thanks!!!

    • Abby

      Haha that’s awesome! Thanks so much!

  • Bethany k Mejia

    I really enjoy this hairstyle because it keeps your hair out of your face, which is a plus for me, but it’s still very pretty.

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  • Diane Cathey

    Your just beautiful and so are your styles!

  • Diane Cathey

    Your just beautiful and so are your styles!

  • Nicole

    Get hair tutorials do you also do make up and putting together outfits

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