The Faux Hawk | Day 13

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I don’t know what it is about faux hawks but I’m pretty much obsessed.  The shape is just so flattering and I love how you get this massive amount of volume.  I do this super cute faux hawk on Savy (comment below if you want some more little girl styles cause I’ve got them comin out my ears!!) and it’s one of my favorites.  If you know how to do a french braid then this style will be a cinch.  There’s just a few things you’ve gotta know which is where the video comes in handy!  I hope you loooooove and pin and share and enjoy!  Until tomorrow my cute friends!

Step-By-Step Instructions

  1. Gather a small section of hair using the eyebrows as a guide, tease and then bobby pin into a little pompadour at the top of your head.
  2. Take those tails and create three sections
  3. Begin a regular three strand braid
  4. When finished braiding, tie off with a clear elastic
  5. Secure the base of the braid with bobby pins (like we did in the Elsa braid)
  6. PANCAKE!!  Pull out and tug on the braid to make it more full and voluminous
  7. Spray with hairspray to hold

TA-DA!!!  The quickest, easiest, cutest little faux hawk you’ve ever seen.  So if you’re heading to a concert, out on a hot date, or just want something fun to wear to work or school try this bad boy.

Abby Smith

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17 thoughts on “The Faux Hawk | Day 13

  1. I found your videos and blog a few weeks ago and have been trying so many styles on myself and my little girl. I love them! I have a question about this one… I have pretty thin hair and I don’t have extensions… Would you suggest I do the braid as normal or would it be smart to backcomb a bit in the back before braiding?

  2. This is one of my favorite hairstyles! I love how it makes me feel so rocker. After watching so many of your videos, I now find myself seeing other girls’ braids and saying to myself, “Girl, you need to learn how to pancake!” Haha

  3. Your videos always leave me with a smile! You are so sweet and adorable – not to mention the amazing hairstyles! I really appreciate your ideas and I’ve used MANY of them! Please keep up the good work; you’re awesome!!!

  4. When I pancake my dutch braid it tends to go wider rather than sticking out. Any ideas on how to get it to come away from the head more? I tried pancaking it pulling it out instead of to the side, but I ended up with the same effect.

    1. Try pulling out from the center of the stitches and instead of pulling them like, left and right pull them directly back. See if that helps