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Okay you pretty little things.  This gorgeous style is for all those cute girls who’ve emailed me about prom!  I know it’s coming up so I’ve tried to get a few fancy hairstyles out there for you.  Now all you have to do is practice and choose one!  This style really works best if you have long hair that’s all one length.  If your hair is a little bit shorter or layered, you’ll need some extensions if you want it to look like mine.  And if your hair is my length but you don’t own extensions, go ahead and wrap the braid around until you run out of ends.  Even if you can only wrap the braid around the hair just once, it’ll still be super cute!  Tie it off with a clear elastic and then wrap the elastic with some hair or put a bow over it.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Gather a section of hair above the ear.  You want this to be on the opposite side your braid will lay.  Divide the hair into three sections and begin a dutch braid.  Remember, with a dutch braid you alternate the outside strands under the middle
  2. After about three or four stitches, you’re going to begin a lace braid.  A lace braid is where you add in a new section of hair to only one of the sides.  In this case we’ll be adding new hair into the top strand and we’ll just be braiding the bottom strand under without adding in new hair
  3. Once you’ve incorporated all the hair from the front, you want to finish it off with a regular three strand braid
  4. Now take this braid and bring it in towards your face and around the hair that’s laying over your shoulder
  5. With that same braid, gather three new sections and begin a lace braid again.  So you’ll start by adding a section of hair to the top strand of the braid and then braid the bottom strand directly under without adding in any new hair.  Continue the lace braid until you’ve reached the other side and then finish it off with a three strand braid
  6. Wrap the braid around the hair laying over your shoulder and continue these steps until you’ve run out of hair to braid.
  7. Tie off with a clear elastic and then go back and pancake the dutch braid that’s going around your crown and hairspray the spiral lace braid so that it stays put.

Note:  These instructions may be a little hard to follow without watching the video.  You can do it, push play 🙂  Also you’ll want to start with fresh curls.  I wrapped my hair around a 1″ iron away from my face.

Abby Smith

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10 thoughts on “Carousel Braid | Day 10

  1. Please, please reply to this, I love this hairstyle soooooo much yet is there a way to make it look nice without extensions?

    1. I don’t want to say no, because I think most hairstyles can be modified, but this one is a tricky one. If you have shorter hair, there’s just no way to wrap a braid around it if you know what I mean! If you have long hair it should work just fine!!