Fancy Rolled Buns | Day 9

March 25, 2014


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I absolutely love how romantic and unique this hairstyle is.  It’s hard to find a fancy hairstyle that doesn’t pull all the hair away from the face.  You’ve got your gorgeous updo’s and your accent braids that wrap around to the back, but seldom do you find a hairstyle the gives you the drama in the front.   These buns are styled right next to your face so people can’t help but notice, it’s got great texture and volume and you’re able to leave those big curls flowing.    It’d be the perfect style for a wedding or prom.  Speaking of prom, isn’t that coming right up?!

Keep the hashtagging up!  Nearly 100 of you have posted pictures– I absolutely adore you.  It’s been so fun to see how you’re being inspired, keep it up!  If you’re new here, we’re using the hashtag #thirtythirtyhair to show off our new do’s!

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Gather a large section of hair from the middle of your part to your temples.  Twist the hair away from your face and then place your index finger that’s not holding the twist over where your twist begins.  Refer to the video
  2. Use your index finger as a guide and wrap the twist around your finger
  3. Before you begin pinning the bun in place, loosen any bangs.  Continue wrapping the twisted hair around and pin with bobby pins as you go
  4. When you’re finished with the first bun, pull and tug on the bun to make it look more full and voluminous
  5. Repeat these steps right below the first bun

I used a 1″ wand and wrapped the sections of hair away from my face

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  • Crystal

    Will your new book also be an ebook? I have your first one, and I love that I can pull up ideas on my tablet when I’m doing mine and my girls hair. I always have it with me!

    • Abby

      You’re so sweet!! I don’t think it will be a PDF but there will definitely be a kindle and downloadable version. It’ll just be more legit haha!