Textured French Twist | Day 7

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Eeek!  I’m so excited to finally be sharing my french twist tutorial with you guys.  I’ve been doing my french twists like this since high school and the technique I use is so simple.  Before filming my own tutorial I watched a bunch of videos to see how others were styling their french twists.  Well, holy crap!  Everyone always makes them so much harder and more complicated than they need to be.  This is honestly the easiest tutorial you’ll find and I hope you guys love it as much as I do!

I was forced into washing my hair only two days in because we ended up at the pool this afternoon.  As hard as I try to keep my hair dry when swimming with the kids it never works.  They’re crazy!  After washing and drying my hair it’s always so slippery and clean.  I seriously hate my hair right after I wash it!  Do you guys feel that way?  For this upstyle I used the Sam Villa TEXTUR iron to create some grip in my hair.  If you have fine hair you’ll absolutely love this little tool.  It’s basically a tiny crimper that increases the volume and texture in your hair.


It’s perfect for adding grip, texture and volume if you have fine hair and it’s fun to use to thicken up braids, for creating updo’s and wedding or dance hairstyles.  I’ve also used it numerous instead of ratting or teasing.  Savy has been stealing my combs left and right.  So when I can’t find one I usually turn this sucker on and just texture it right at the roots to give my hair some extra lift.  If you use the promo code TWISTME, you’ll get my favorite paddle brush for FREE!  This is the only paddle brush I’ll use, it’s anti-static and so fabulous.  Anyway, it’s a $30 value so if you’re going to get a TEXTUR iron make sure to use the promo code!

I’ve LOVED seeing you guys on the hashtag #thirtythirtyhair.  You are all so beautiful!  I love that you guys are tailoring these hairstyles to fit your own hair, your own length and thickness.  I feel like a proud parent!  Three years ago when I started this blog I’ve been writing about how hairstyles are to enhance our beauty.  If a hairstyle doesn’t flatter your face, or you can’t do it exactly like the model, switch it up!  Let the hairstyle inspire you to create a different one!  I’m so happy to see that these hairstyles are inspiring you to create looks that work for you and your hair!  So keep up the good work friends, words just simply cannot describe how proud I am! 

 VIDEO TUTORIAL!  Ps, this is a brand new channel.  Please subscribe and support – MUAH

Abby Smith

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36 thoughts on “Textured French Twist | Day 7

  1. Hi! You are so cute. I hope I can figure out how to do my hair in these cute styles more often. I am Queen of rocking two high messy pigtail/buns with a piecy, deep swept side part in the front but I can not master anything else. Do you have a video specifc to helping me get more texturized volume on the top and sides without looking like it was a mistake. My hair tends to have gaps in between chunks of hair rather then looking semi-uniformed and purposeful. Maybe I will take a few pics to display my issue a little better. Thanks for the help teaching girls like me how to show off the messy style. I have never been one for predicted perfection. I love the bedhead teased Bridget Bardot look.

  2. Hello Abby.. I came across some of your pictures and how to hair tutorials by accident, thank goodness! Your tutorials look like they will be very easy to follow! As I’m sure you’ve noticed that I haven’t tried them with my hair yet but fully intend to! I love so many of your styles I’m looking forward to trying some out tonight! You caught my eye because of your style and ease but also it’s exactly what I was looking for in the first place. I have been disabled for 18yrs now and have tried everything even cutting my hair short to make it easier for me to do. Well I like my hair long and I have a lot of it but desperately needed help coming up with ideas and needed help learning how to do different styles, I’m so tired of the same old straighten hair! It has become a lot harder for me to do my own hair but I’m very stubborn and refuse to cut my hair again, even though short hair is not real easy either, then I found you! I’m very excited to start trying to do some of your styles and looking forward to not having to spend so much time on my hair anymore! Thank you, Thank you so very much for your help!!

  3. Hi Abby, I love this hairstyle! Although the textur iron is pretty expensive and not what I’m willing to spend. is there another brand I can use with similar results?

  4. This is very difficult for thick, heavy hair. In fact most of these styles are. My twist is so much bigger and chunkier than this and I need a hundred pins to keep it up.

  5. Been watching your videos & LOVE them!! Thanks so much for posting, I was wondering if you could let me know what name\brand & color of the tube blush’s that you’re using in the make up tutorial.

    thank you,

  6. The Redken wool product you use in the tutorial has been discontinued. Is there another product that does the same thing? The one the suggest on their website is not a spray.

  7. Thank you so much for this tutorial!! I don’t wear so formal hairstyles so the ‘normal’ twist is not for me. But yours suits me!

    1. Thanks! That’s how I felt too, those formal twists weren’t very flattering. I love this one though!! Glad you like it

  8. Where can I find extra long bobby pins? How long are the ones that you used? Thanks! This is a really cute style that would be perfect for work.

  9. Oh man girl! You are GORGEOUS!! And… that video was so professional! I have been doing your hairstyles forever, I have your book, and I love your blog! Thanks for all the fun inspiration. You da best

  10. This is awesome! I’ve got the “polished” french twist in long hair down, but not the more casual textured kind. Do you think you could post a quick step-by-step in the text for those who don’t/can’t do youtube? Thanks!

  11. And just wondering, what brand and shade is the lipstick you are wearing in the tutorial? I have been trying to find that shade, or something similar, and that shade seems to be closest I have have seen to what I am looking for. Thank you πŸ™‚

    1. Shoot, I can’t remember which one I was wearing in these! I like to mix colors and the only lipsticks I own are from Revlon. I bet I used a lighter red and then colored it with a pink gloss. I wish I had a better answer for you. If I remember which ones I mixed I’ll let you know!

  12. Thank you for the amazing hair styles! You are so beautiful and have a lot of talent! I was wondering if you have experimented with temporary hair dye. Would you be able to do a tutorial on how to accomplish this on blond hair with red or blue dye? thank you!

    1. Ya know, I never have but have seen a few things at target I’ve wanted to try. I’ll put that on the calendar, that’d be fun!

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