Triple Twisted Ponytail | Day 4

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It’s Thursday.  Which means tomorrow is Friday.  And I usually wash my hair Friday’s because it’s also date night and the man likes fresh smelling hair.  I don’t see what the big deal is…  but I try to please when I can haha!!  Luckily I haven’t washed my hair since Monday so we’re good.  The fourth and fifth day always call for some type of  ponytail or bun.  I thought this was a fun twist on your regular ponytail and I hope you love it just as much as I do!

Remember, if you try out one of these styles tag #thirtythirtyhair on instagram!  I would LOVE to see how you’re wearing and being inspired by these hairstyles!


  1. Tease the roots and split the hair into three vertical sections.  So you’ll have one section on the left, one on the right and one down the middle
  2. Put the two sections near your face over your shoulders as we will be working with the middle section.  Tease the middle section from top to bottom.
  3. Take that section and twist it vertically, wrapping around your middle or index finger as a guide.  Pin the twist in place using sturdy bobby pins
  4. Take your left section and twist it the same way just right next to that first part you made
  5. Take your right section and drape and twist the hair over both twists you’ve just created and pin in place.

Helpful Hints: If you have fly-a-ways make sure to use a good hairspray.  I sometimes forget this step and always end up with little stray strands!  If you feel like the bobby pins aren’t holding the hair, double up on them.  The only one that needs to be hidden is that very last one so go ahead and do what you need to to make them secure.  And if you’re a hater on bobby pins, secure the first two twists with clear elastics.



I AM SOOOO EXCITED!!!!  A few months back I filmed a few hairstyle videos for this Mom Summit that was taking place in a couple months.  I didn’t know much about it but it seemed like a great opportunity and I’m not one to pass down being in fun videos!  Now that it’s here and I’ve seen the list of presenters I’m freaking out a little bit!  It’s going to be AHHH-MAZING!  So, what the heck is it!?

The Mom Summit is a FREE week-long online event packed with 30 inspiring interviews and videos with some of the top bestselling authors, parenting experts, fitness gurus and DIY pros!  No mom is perfect, that’s why we share our strengths. You know the whole “I’ll fold your laundry if you do my dishes” idea?  The Mom Summit will inspire mothers with new ideas to SIMPLIFY life.  And that will allow more time for dancing in the living room with the kids, because there’s nothing more perfect than mommy dance parties!


Some of the presenters include: Lisa from 100 Days of Real Food will be teaching tips on packing a school lunch and removing processed foods, Tricia from Once a Month Meals will be teaching how to knock out a months worth of dinners in one day,  Ashley Mills from The Handmade Home will be teaching about de-cluttering and design, TWIST ME PRETTY >>>what what<< will be sharing 5 quick hairstyles that can be done in under 10 minutes, and Alicia from Chic on a Shoestring will be dishing 4 steps to a functional and flattering wardrobe.  Did I mention there are over 38 presenters?!

You’ll learn how to have fun with your kids while optimizing your parenting skills, discover which foods will amplify your energy and nourish your family, uncover secrets to maintaining passion in your relationship, hear from real moms who reclaimed their sexy bodies after childbirth without ‘die’ting, learn to have balance in your family life, career and house and management and celebrate the art of being mom!  Oh ya.  And it’s completely FREE!!  So go on over and REGISTER to see some exclusive welcome videos… you may just see a special surprise video from yours truly!  But seriously, this is going to be an inspiring summit and I hope you can come!

Abby Smith

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26 thoughts on “Triple Twisted Ponytail | Day 4

  1. That’s gorgeous! I have shorter hair but just had my clip in extensions customized/shortened last night! If I don’t get a chance to wash my hair before we go out tomorrow, I am definitely going to try this!
    It’s so unique, pretty, and looks much harder than it was.
    I have started using curved bobby pins. They are a game changer!

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  3. I’m LOVING your 30|30 challenge! And this is such a lovely, simple hairstyle. Also, I pretty much don’t do YouTube, so thanks for including written instructions–I get everything I need from those!