Center Twist + Bun | Day 2

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There is absolutely nothing better than a great up style!  Something I can wear being mom but that’s cute enough for date night and a leather jacket.  I love the thick twist coupled with the casual messy bun.  And that little bit of volume on top makes it a style that’s just as cute from the front as it is from the back!

If you try out this hairstyle, tag me on instagram and use the hashtag #thirtythirtyhair.  We were using #thirtythirty but apparently it’s a page full of guns and ammo.  HA!  Appropriate right?!  Seriously though, use the hashtag!  I can’t wait to pull it up in a few weeks and see a bunch of beautiful faces with hair that’s been inspired from this challenge.


  1. Using your eyebrows as a guide, section off a small chunk of hair from the top
  2. Tease the section, spray it with some hairspray and pin it back into a pompadour
  3. Take the tails of the pomp and divide in two
  4. Twist the tails together with the left over the right section.  You can do right over left if you prefer just make sure that whichever way you twist you are consistent throughout
  5. Holding the twisted tails in your right hand, use your left hand to add hair from the front into the left section of the twist
  6. Transfer the twisted sections into your left hand and add hair from the front right side into the right section of the twist
  7. Twist the sections left over right and continue steps 4-6 until the base of your neck where you’ll then tie off into a messy bun
  8. Take bobby pins and place vertically near the base of the twist to tighten up the look.  Then spread out the twist to hide the bobby pins and to make look more full.  Spray with a good hairspray and you’re done!

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Abby Smith

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7 thoughts on “Center Twist + Bun | Day 2

  1. I LOVE it!!! I recreated it by adding other sections of hair to both of the two twisting sections. Then I twisted it and repeated the following steps and finishing it off with a bun. Thanks for creating all of these AWESOME hairstyles!

  2. Just found this site this week from do it yourself divas and I’m loving it! I tried out this style today and I got so many compliments. Thanks so much I can’t wait to do my hair tomorrow and try out another style! 🙂

  3. My mom used to do this in my hair when I was in my tween and teen years. Of course then it was more sleek, but same idea.