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You Instagram/Facebook friends know that I’m dying to cut my hair!  I’ve had long hair for so long I feel like it defines me.  I will admit… there are times when I hide behind my long golden locks.  A moment of insecure truth?  Sometimes I feel like when my hair isn’t down and in my face that I’m less beautiful.  And that’s silly.  Beauty comes from the inside and the sparkle in your eyes.  Hair should have absolutely nothing to do with it.  But let’s be honest, hair is important.  And for me it’s starting to define my beauty.  So I’ve been thinking long and hard about chopping off my length.  I think I’d regret it though… like bad.  In lieu of my insecurities, I decided to try a little faux bob.  A pretend haircut that hopefully helps me realize that I’m just as beautiful with short hair as I am with long.  Do any of you feel the same way?  Or am I nuts?!  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!  If I did cut my hair… just think of all the new styles we could try… haha just sayin’!

You girls who are using the hashtag #thirtythirtyhair –  I SERIOUSLY LOVE YOU!!!  It makes me so happy to see how you are styling your hair.  If you’re trying these hair styles please snap a picture and post it to instagram so we can all see!!  In the next little bit I’ll be featuring my favorite do’s I find on that hashtag!  It’s gonna be soooo fun!


  1. Section off your hair from the ears up.  Take your teasing comb and begin teasing your roots underneath.  This is where the bobby pins are going to grip, so you want to make sure it’s nice and textured
  2. Next tease your roots up top.  Girls with shorter hair tend to have more volume and body because the length isn’t weighing them down.  You’ll really want to tease your roots extra for this style!
  3. Take all your hair in one hand as if you are putting it up in a ponytail, but instead roll it under.
  4. Pin those ends onto the roots we just teased.  Your pins should hold your hair just fine because we’ve done such a great job at creating a nice base
  5. Pull out any layers or whispies you have, the more shorter layers you have the better!  Having some nice framing layers will make this hairstyle look even more natural.  Spray the style to finish off and viola!

If you enjoyed this tutorial, please share with your friends and pin to your beauty boards!  I just love ya, happy hairstyling!

The hairstyle video is embedded at the bottom of this post!

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Abby Smith

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17 thoughts on “Faux Bob | Day 3

  1. Your hair look beautiful short!! I completely understand how hard it is to cut off all your hair (I did it a few months ago), but it would be so cool to have short hairstyles on your blog. It would be a fun change. And I find that my short hair makes me feel more independent and different from everyone else in a good way

    1. That’s seriously one of the reasons why I’m so tempted!! There’s a huge need for shorter styles right now! Everyone keeps begging!!

  2. Please don’t cut ur hair ever! Lol. I mean u can if u really want to but it is so gorgeous!. U are beautiful with your hair in a faux bob too so I’m sure it would look great short but still, don’t cut it unless u have ur extensions handy for days when u start to miss it. Mine is taking forever to grow back out lol.

    1. Ahhhh I know!!! I really don’t want to chop it. It’s pretty unhealthy right now though and if I do, it’ll be because my hands are tied. I’m sure I’ll like it for two weeks and then I’ll be pining for my long hair for a year haha!! We will see what happens, I’m torn!

  3. Abby, I’ve designated myself your “bangs, brown,and insanely thick haired” Guinea pig. 😉 I was really surprised this hair do worked with my hair, I really didn’t think it would hold as it’s so thick, but it did! Love it! Thank you, miss!

  4. I used to do it more or less like this 40 (!) years ago – yeah, I’m 65 now. I’d tease the heck outta all my hair (it’s kinda fine hair), devide into TWO ‘ponytails’ at the back, pin both of them seperately. Then I’d take a long scarf – or roll up a square one, and feed the ends through both tunnels from front to back, then tie in a knot in the middle with the scarf like a bandana in front. Use the point of the comb to ‘pick it up’ a little and spray. The bobby pins would stay put all day and no need for a ‘touch-up’ while I was at work.

    1. Oh that’s a great idea!! I had thought about putting it in one and then rolling it but my hair isn’t very thick. I should mention that in the tips!! I wish I could see a picture of how you styled it with the scarf, it sounds amazing!

      1. Aw gee… sorry… my hair is much shorter now, so I’m not even sure I could still do it propperly, but I’ll give it a try.
        It was NOT as happy-go-lucky as contemporary fashions are, it turned out sort of a Jackie Kannedy look (‘Motorbike helmet’ as we call that now), but it was real practical, stayed put the whole day.

      2. Oh, I forgot… Before rolling up the ponytails, gently run a brush over the top layer of your ‘monster back-comb’, to smooth it out.
        Tehn, after you’ve tied the scarf at the back, spread out each roll by putting both of your thumbs inside and tugging sideways with your index-finger (or any other finger for that matter 😉 ).
        Also, it’s a great way of getting a good curl in your ends for the evening. Style it like this in the morning and just brush it out when preparing for your evening. It gives loads of volume and a nice inward curl at the ends.

    1. Thanks lady!! So happy you love it!! I’m sad we didn’t get to chat longer in SL :-(. I might just need to come out and visit you!

  5. I know how you feel. I have wanted to chop my hair for so long but always been nervous. I decided to go for it the other day and I got a layered LOB cut. I LOVE it…like love! It’s so much healthier too . I say go for it….it’s freeing and you will have way healthier hair and a firm understanding that your external beauty is made BETTER by your fearlessness. No more hiding lady!! 🙂

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