Stacked Side Braid

July 20, 2016

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First off, welcome to the stacked side braid!  I’ve been guest posting over at CGH for the past few months and I’ve meant to share all the hairstyles over here too but I’m a little bit behind… on like my whole life! ha ha!!!  

In this post, you’ll learn how to do the stacked side braid. During the first part of the tutorial, I’ll show you how to make a fishtail braid as well! Two hairstyles in one tutorial? How great is that! 

The kids being home this summer has rocked my world.  It’s been so hard trying to juggle all of them with no real schedule.  And I feel like my house is in constant chaos!  They’re my priority though and sometimes I just gotta take a step back and enjoy them.  

So that’s what this week has been all about!  Have you played Pokemon Go yet?  We busted it out today and I’m not gonna lie… it was kind of awesome.

And second, have you noticed the new look around here?!  We’ve been working on it for MONTHS and it’s finally here!  Happy to have everything a little bit more organized and hopefully you guys find yourself clicking around!

I hope you enjoy this little tutorial, it’s much easier than it looks! 

Share your thoughts and comments below and I can’t wait to see you beauties try these hairstyles out for yourself! 


  • Hannah Slack

    Don’t worry about being behind. Totally understand. Love the new look! Seriously in love!

  • Elisa Wolff

    Sorry to bug, but where is the tutorial? I see pictures only, no video or step by step instructions.

  • Abby Smith

    Sorry guys! I totally forgot to embed the video! It’s up now and you should see it! xoxo

  • This is gorgeous and so are you!

    Xx Taylor