2 gorgeous GATSBY hairstyles for Halloween… or a wedding

October 22, 2014

Look Number 1: Vintage 1920’s Curls

gatsby hairstylesgatsby hairstylesgatsby hairstylesgatsby hairstyles

The Great Gatsby Headband I’m wearing is from What a Betty.  This was the most fabulous headband of all time.  What a Betty creates couture headbands that are perfect for weddings, special occasions and even everyday looks.  Go over and checkout their website!  Quite literally, you’ll die with inspiration!  The amazing headband I’m wearing is from the “Gretchen” collection.

Shirt: c/o Chic Wish | Lipstick: Sephora Truth or Dare | Nailpolish: Essie Velvet Voyeur


Look Number 2: Easy Gatsby Updo

Right after the jump!!

gatsby hairstylesgatsby hairstylesgatsby hairstylesgatsby hairstyles

I’ve gotta tell ya.  If I could grow up during any time period, it’d be this one.  The glamour, the beads and accessories.  The fringe.  THE DANCING!!!  Oh gees.  I can’t even get started!  I hope you guys will spend some time and watch the video, it took me a billion hours to film and put together!  Like over 15… haha!!  Seriously these things can be so deceivingly time consuming!  ALSO… there may or may not be an AMAZING giveaway going on to those who are subscribed to my channel… soo… just sayin!

^^  The video is still uploading but I want to go to bed so… check back soon if it’s giving you grief!  Hope you’re having a fabulous October so far and if you love this tutorial and want to share it — here are some pinnable images!  xoxo

gatsby hairstyles

Because this tutorial has been so time consuming, I’m going to let you guess on the step by steps or you can just watch the video.  Hope you’re okay with that 🙂