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A few weeks ago I shared my 15 minute hair and makeup routine with you guys on snapchat (>>> twistmepretty2 go follow!).  I had a ton of requests for a slower and more in depth version so that’s what I’m sharing today!  I was a lot slower in the video but I swear I can this face slapped on in five minutes, it’s super easy and just makes your skin look like it’s glowing.  I hope you enjoy the tutorial and let me know if you try any of the products out!  Click through for full tutorial!






Here’s the video tutorial!!

Ooooohhhhkay.  Are you ready for the list of products?  I know it seems like a lot… and I guess when you write it all out it sort of is.  But most of these things you should already have save a palette or two so hopefully you find this tutorial helpful and if you’ve been needing something new, hopefully these master lists can help fill in some holes!


Brushes I used: Sigma Flat Kabuki (used to buff foundation) | Angled Kabuki Brush (used to buff contour) | Tapered Kabuki (used to buff highlight color) | 3dhd precision brush (used to contour the nose) | If you’re needing a brush makeover, I’d recommend this kit!




This is the chair I originally had in there but then I needed something that spun so I found the acrylic chair on wheels at home goods

Abby Smith

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7 thoughts on “5 minute makeup tutorial

  1. I love this!! Soooo I don’t use brushes to put on my make up… just my fingers… what brushes do you recommend for a starter? and do you think the brushes make a huge difference?

  2. I loved loved loved this when you did it on snap chat so thank you so much for slowing it down for me! I was wondering you have listed all the makeup products but what did you use for your hair. I am in desperate need of the finishing oil you used but couldn’t quite see the brand? Thanks for all the tips you give!

  3. Hey!! Random questions… what was the oil that you put into your hair that calmed down the curls in the morning? Do you have a few favorites?

  4. This is such a gorgeous natural makeup look. When you did it on Snapchat it looked amazing as well! You are seriously my favorite person to follow on snapchat because you are so fun, SO real, and you have the cutest kiddos I have ever seen. I am having my second in May and you encourage me that I can handle two if you can handle 4 with two of them being twins! 🙂

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  5. You’re a dork! Love it! Does makeup forever have a beauty counter? It’s so expensive, I need to try it first. Utah weather makes my skin dry and then oily after I put makeup on. I’m slowly narrowing down to what seems to be the favorite foundation from the few beauty bloggers I follow. Makeup forever seems to be a contender. Xoxo