I’m Coming To UTAAAH!!!!


Okay, WHOA.  Just whoa.  My parents came into town last week and I totally fell off the grid.  We’ve been so busy watching all the movies they missed over the last three years (The Hunger Games Series was a must) and cleaning out every inch of my messy house that I’ve literally not even showered since Sunday.  Don’t judge me… haha!  I have SO many things to tell you though, so you need to hurry and forgive me and then listen REEEEAL carefully.

1.  I’M COMING TO UTAAAAAAH!!!!!!  Leanne and I have a fun little project happening with BYU TV, and while we’re out there, we wanted to get together with you guys!!  We wanted it to be super casual and sooooo non-intimidating so we chose the Provo Beach Resort!  Leanne is going to bring a bunch of her skirts, plus we have some cool Utah vendors donating items for a raffle, annnnnnd there’s ice cream.  So bring your girl-friends and come hang out with us THIS Saturday at 8!  And if you don’t come… consider our friendship over.  HAHA just kidding.  Leanne and I can manage the ice cream on our own, but we won’t have nearly as much fun!  Provo Beach Resort.  Saturday.  8:00.  Come prepared to party your faces off!

2.  When your mom comes into town, you put her work and make her organize all your stuff.  Right?  I’m not the only one who makes my mom work for me, am I?!  So we went through Savy’s clothing and I’m auctioning off 2 boxes of her 2T spring/summer clothes.  It’s all on Instagram @savyjane1 so just thought I’d let you know in case you’re interested.  It ends tomorrow night.

Mmmmmmkkkk, I think that’s all I have for you today.  I love your guuuuts and can’t wait to meet you in Utah!  Let me know in the comments if you think you’ll be able to make it!








^^ Oh Hi Brian.  You look so cute in my sunglasses haha!!


Abby Smith

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9 thoughts on “I’m Coming To UTAAAH!!!!

  1. So I’m bummed I missed this. Lame sauce. But your snap chat made me feel like I was there… Kinda. Haha, Anywho, weird question but Brian obvs takes a lot, if not most, of your photos right? Um, he’s really good! Did he have experience taking photos? I wish my hubby would. I dont know why but I’d probably feel really dumb if he did this for me number one because he’s not a good photographer. Two, I think he’d get annoyed with it so I’d feel silly and/or rushed. Is Brian just an all around awesome guy or do you really have to bribe him? HAHAHA!

  2. Hi Abby! I just wanted to drop in and say hi. I totally forgot you can comment on these things! haha. But, I wanted to say you were the 1st Youtuber I started watching that really got me into braiding hair and starting my own blog. I loved watching your hair tutorials and I still do! You are the 1st and the only person I watch religiously when it comes to hair! I also love your snap chat and hope I can be like you one day 🙂

  3. Hey! I noticed that you have your most recent Instagram posts on your side bar! Is this automatic? Or do you change it manually every time you post a new picture?

    Instagram: @latidoblog
    Facebook: la ti do

  4. I can’t wait!!! I’ve been following you since the Yellow Sandbox days, and it’ll be so weird to see you IN REAL LIFE, what?? See you Saturday!

  5. Oh! Oh! Pick me!! Trying to find some friends to go with me (and if they say no, they’re not real friends, right?). Hope to see you soon!!