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Did anybody else watch the Oscars on Sunday night?!  I don’t usually stick around for the actual ceremony but I love watching the celebs walk the red carpet.  There was a commercial where this lady was in her evening gown buying groceries and walking her dog and just waving her arm like she was someone special.  I related to this woman.  I relate to her everyday hahaha!  If only changing diapers was as glamorous as walking the red carpet!  A couple things that really stood out to me though were the center parts and sleek, simple styles.  I’m so curious to see where this trend takes us… are we going to be repeating the seventies?!



In todays tutorial I’m sharing how to get Kerry Washington’s Oscar Hairstyle, it was a gorgeous sleek ponytail.  I know it sounds simple, why do I need a tutorial to figure out a ponytail?!  I’m starting from the beginning though, my blow dry techniques, how to curl my hair with a straightener and then how to apply extensions when styling a ponytail.  You can choose to make your ponytail  super sleek like Kerry, or you can keep it more textured and leave out some fringe.



^^ Straightener Curls

These are the tools and steps I used for this tutorial.
1//  I started by washing my hair and prepping it with the GHD heat protect spray.
2// I used the GHD Air Hair dryer to smooth out and dry the hair.  Don’t neglect the concentrator nozzle!  I love this hair dryer because it’s light weight and much more powerful than a regular blow dryer so it makes drying the hair super fast.
3// Once the hair is dry I used the GHD Smooth and Finish Serum to smooth out and add shine to the hairstyle
4// Next I did the straightener curls.  I used the GHD Platinum Styler and was honestly blown away by how easy it was to use.  There are a lot of cool features on this flat iron but I just couldn’t get over how effortlessly it glided down my hair.  Like butter!
5// Once the curls are set, I brushed through and tousled the curls using the GHD paddle brush.  I’ve had this brush for a couple years now and it’s my favorite.  I’ve had others in the past that are showing signs of wear and this one, years later looks brand new. 
6// After the curls are relaxed I started dressing the ponytail.

Watch the video or see the step-by-steps below to see  how to effortlessly add extensions to your ponytails.  I love doing it this way because you aren’t bothered by the clips throughout the day!  It’s also nearly impossible to ever see the clips despite any fringe that falls out or if your ponytail starts loosening.  

COUPON CODE!!!! The code TMP30 will get you 30% off the Platinum Styler + a FREE paddle brush ($55 value) AND the smooth and finish serum!

IMG_3735^^ This is me trying to act all cool like a celeb… I’m not sure this face fits me haha!

I hope you guys enjoy the VIDEO TUTORIAL:: Make sure to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already!!


This post was brought to you by GHD but all thoughts and opinions are my own.  Thank you GHD!!

Abby Smith

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20 thoughts on “How to: Kerry Washington’s Oscar Hairstyle

  1. The coupon code did not go through. It says accepted but no money actually comes off the total price charged. Is there anything advise you can give to help with this situation?

  2. Hi Abby! Super cute hairstyle, but I just have to rave about ghd stylers!! I’ve had mine for 8… EIGHT!! years!! Love love love it.. It’s the best flat iron/styler EVER! Amen! Ha!

    1. But seriously, they’re in a league all on their own. I know they’re expensive but they’re so worth it, the quality is amazing!

  3. Just beautiful Abby! I was wondering what your lipstick and blush color are:) And since stila doesn’t mk that pretty brown sunset color I think it is what color disbu replace it with?

  4. I love how the curls turned out, I’m just not sure if I can afford that straightener. Do you have any other favorites that aren’t as expensive?

    1. I agree. I love the look and even clicked over to check out the straightener, but it’s out of my budget range. Any tips on less expensive ones? I’m all ears!

      1. I post Nume sales all the time! The nume ones are great or I still use my baby bliss nano pro ($100) that I’ve had for over eight years!

  5. Hey loving the content lately … not that i didn’t before, it’s just really speaking to me! In a mommy rut lately & you’ve inspired me!! It’s amazing how much better you feel with hair & nails done!! Quick question, after 3 kids, my already thin hair has been thinned out even more, especially on the top of my head, and at my widow’s peak area. NOT fun!!! – I’m mostly the one who notices it so it’s not super serious, but with that & the grey hairs getting worse, i feel old! Would love to know if you’ve tried anything that works to help thicken & regrow hair. I have products I use that work for when I do my hair, but would love something to actually be a long term solution! Thanks & keep up the good work!