a fat halo braid


Today’s hairstyle is an oldie but goodie!  Even though there are many halo braid tutorials out there, I keep getting asked over and over to film one.  Hopefully this helps some of you master this gorgeous braid.  And tell me, do you like the step by step photos?  I finally figured out a way to capture the footage from the tutorial.  It takes a little extra time to throw together but I feel like it might be super helpful for some of you?  Let me know below in the comments and I’ll decide from there whether or not it’s worth the extra effort!

Step by step Instructions::

1| You’re going to start out with a dutch braid — outer sections go under the middle
2| Keep it close to your hair line and angle it towards your neck
3| When you’ve braided it as far back as you can with the same hold, go ahead and switch up your hands.  Remember where you are in your braid and move your hand furthest from the braid to the other side so you can start braiding up
4 | This might take a second to get use to — if you get lost, say the steps out loud and just go super slow.  You are now braiding up instead of back
5 | When you run out of hair, just do a three strand braid all the way to the ends.  Secure with clear elastic
6-7 | Pin anywhere that feels a little loose before pancaking
8| Pancake the braid and then tuck the ends under the braid.  Spray with hairspray so it’s secure

halo braid diy halo braid diy braided crown halo braid diy halo braid diy

What do you guys think of this braid?  I love it when it’s a little messy and it makes for the perfect “I need to wash my hair but don’t have time” style!  If you love it, go pin and share it!


Abby Smith

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15 thoughts on “a fat halo braid

  1. Somehow your encouraging did it to me and I could somehow make one at the third try. MY ARMS HURT. THE HAIR WAS EVERYWHERE WHEN I BRAIDED UPWARDS, HOW DO YOU EVEN BRAID UPWARDS?!? But both were apparently just supposed to happen! The pictures review the video nicely. Thanks a ton!

  2. This is great! I love to do milkmaid braids, but my hair isn’t long enough to make it super thick at the top (I cross them in back before pinning them up – I don’t like the back of my head feeling so bare). This is a GREAT alternative… so chic! I’ve noticed that’s really coming into style again. 🙂
    Thanks Abby! Keep ’em coming, sista!

  3. Please keep doing the pictures! I live in the middle of nowhere, so the internet is horribly slow and trying to watch videos is at best a frustrating exercise in utter futility.

  4. Nice tutorial. Thanks for taking the time and doing the pictures. I like it because for some of the tutorials I know the basics just need some small visual steps. So watching the whole video for it isn’t needed.