How To Apply LipSense LIKE A PRO!

First off, I just need to tell you — YOU ARE MY PEOPLE!!!!  I was so overwhelmed with support during our Black Friday sale. We had over 300 orders!!!  And now I feel like we just have this special bond!!

Now that there’s this little army of women out there who need to know how LipSense works, I’m taking this responsibility very seriously.  I want to make sure you guys know exactly how to wear it because there’s a slight learning curve to LipSense.  If you’ve tried it, and you don’t love it, chances are very high you’re applying it wrong.  I know this because I wore it wrong for months and it’s why I wasn’t totally obsessed with the stuff from the beginning.  Luckily I have a very pushy good friend who loves me enough to make me wear it right.  Bless her heart, I’ll love her forever. 

If you have no idea what LipSense is, it’s a long wear lipstick that is AMAZING!!!  You can find my shop here, my latest post here, and an older video of me applying it here (5:10ish).  I’ve since learned better ways to apply it, but the demonstration is good!   

Alright, let’s break this down, shall we?! Let’s learn how to apply LipSense! I’m going to be using the Coral Reef color + Matte Gloss.

Twist Me Pretty's Abby shows off LipSense Coral Reef worn with Matte Gloss. Learn how to apply LipSense, and buy it, from

Step 1: You MUST have healthy lips!  LipSense molecularly bonds onto your lips — which is why it lasts all day!  So before I apply my  LipSense color, I like to give my lips a good scrub to ensure my lips are nice and exfoliated.  There are two ways I usually do this. One way is I’ll dab some LipSense lip balm or coconut oil (don’t use other products like Carmex or Vaseline) onto my finger and then dip it into a little bowl of sugar I keep next to my sink. Then scrub scrub scrub!  Do this right after you shower so that by the time you are ready to apply your lip color, your lips are completely dry. 

The second way is using a dedicated toothbrush to exfoliate.  This seems to be what I do most often because… well, I’m really lazy like that.LipSense Lip Balm and sugar make a perfect exfoliator for your lips. Find out more about how to take care of your lips at Twist Me Pretty.

Sweet and soft. Abby uses LipSense Lip Balm and sugar to make sure her lips are healthy.

Step 2: Make sure your lips are COMPLETELY dry.  I like to take some toilet paper and dab the waterline of my lips to make suuuuuure there’s no moisture left on the lip.

Step 3: Shake your tube of color!

Step 4: Start at your cupids bow and draw down the corner of your lip.

Learn how to apply LipSense from TwistMePretty's Abby.

Step 5: If needed, get more color on your applicator and then fill in the center of your lips and then draw down to the other corner. 

LipSense will last all day if you apply it right. Make sure you're doing it properly at

Step 6: This step was hard to get a good picture of, so this photo is actually my second layer but still the same.  You’re going to now fill in the waterline of your upper lip – in one pass.

You know when you draw with a dry erase marker?  If you go over the same spot twice, the first layer will lift a little bit?  It’s very similar with LipSense.  Try not to layer the passes until they’re completely dry!

LipSense made easy by Abby. Find out more - and how to get your hands on this long-lasting lipstick - at

Step 7: Get more color on your applicator (if needed) and draw from corner to corner on the outside of your bottom lip.

All-day lip color with LipSense. Find out how to apply LipSense today!

Step 8: Fill in the waterline of your bottom lip.

LipSense lasts all day if you apply it correctly.

Step 9: Let this first layer dry COMPLETELY before applying your second and third layer.  It’s also kind of like painting your nails… you know how if you go over wet nail polish, you sometimes smudge the first layer if it’s not completely dry?  That’s exactly what this will do.  The new layer can ruin that first layer if it’s not completely dry, so just be patient and wait.  It’s going to be tempting but I believe in you.  It should only take a few extra seconds.

With LipSense, make sure each layer is dry before applying the next one. It's easy to apply LipSense!

Then you’re going to REPEAT that 2 more times!  You can use different colors or you can use the icicle color if you don’t want to deepen the first layers color, but you NEED three layers of product.  It’s just the way it works.  For a long time I’d only wear one layer because I didn’t want to darken the color any more, or I wouldn’t exfoliate before hand and I’d be surprised to see my color was flaking off a few hours later.  

If your color is coming off, or it’s looking splotchy, it is not the product’s fault.  I thought it was.  But, in all honesty, it was mine.  If you are used to wearing chapstick and vaseline, other waxy lipsticks, you will go through an exfoliation process.  It will take a couple weeks.  

Here’s the deal.  LipSense has medical grade alcohol in it.  This exfoliates the lips over time and it’s actually a great thing because it keeps your lips healthy!  But if you’re constantly wearing waxy products, the LipSense is busy working on that wax build up instead of on your lips.  It’s not able to molecularly bond to your lips the way it should.  IF you are having trouble, give it two weeks.  I was very resistant — I don’t have time for that!!!  It took me 6 months to realize that I was the one missing out.  But this doesn’t happen with everyone, so don’t be apprehensive, there’s just a slight learning curve!  

Step 10: When your three coats are dry, you’re going to seal your color and add some moisture back into the lips with your gloss.  There is zero moisture in the color and it will feel tacky, kind of like gel nails, until you seal it with the gloss.  Glossy gloss is the most hydrating of all the glosses.  If you’re new to the system, it’s the one that’s recommended to start with and I absolutely recommend starting with it.  It’s a little bit on the stickier side and I really hate sticky lip gloss.  So what you can do is apply the glossy gloss, rub it in nice and good to add moisture into the lips, and then go over it with a different gloss, like the matte.  

My favorite gloss is the Bougainvillea gloss (why did they have to name it that?!  Every time I go to spell it I have to google it haha) which has a tiny bit of a sheen to it but it’s not sticky and it’s more hydrating than the matte.  If you’ve been a LipSense girl for a while, go ahead and give the matte lipgloss a try!  It’s one of my favorites!  

You can find my shop here and if you need help with colors, request to join my private Facebook page here!

Sealing in that LipSense color. It's easy! Learn with Abby at Twist Me Pretty.

And that’s it!!  Throughout the day, you’ll want to apply the LipSense gloss as needed but you shouldn’t need anymore color.  If you do need more color, say it’s fading in the waterline or is flaking a bit (it shouldn’t after a couple weeks of dedicated use) just wipe off the gloss, make sure your lips are dry and then apply the color.

I am planning on putting together a video soon but we’ve been so busy with moving I haven’t had time to film it yet.  I will continue to do Facebook lives though, so make sure you’re following along here!


Can I wear lip balm over my color? No way José!  The lip balm is the bomb. However, it must be worn when you aren’t wearing LipSense! It will break down the color. LipSense is a system and must be worn with the gloss—any other gloss/balm will break down the color.

Why doesn’t my color last long? It is exfoliation, that is ALL!!  LipSense is so awesome it works to take off our dead, nasty, wax built up on our skin! Who wants that to stay on anyway, right? If one’s lips are dry and have wax build up (from waxy lipstick, Chapstick, etc.) there may be an exfoliation process. This is a good thing!!!  Continue to wear only LipSense products, anything else will interfere with what LipSense has done! Toss that Chapstick! Gloss at night or wear balm to speed up the process!

Does LipSense have an SPF? Not chemically BUT LipSense has a mechanical shield that is equivalent to SPF 15!! 

What are your favorite colors? I’ve not tried them all — although I just purchased a whoooole bunch more and I’m way excited to try them out!  So far, my favorites are:

Nudes: First Love, Caramel Apple
Pinkes: Aussie Rose, Fluer De Lisa, Plumeria, Sheer Pink
Reds: Blue Red, Coral Reef, Plumeria 
Plums: Sheer Berry, Nappa, B Ruby

I will update these favorites and start sharing selfies in all the colors as I get them — that way you’ll have a better reference for what the colors actually look like on.

If you are super intrigued by  LipSense and want more information or need help picking out colors, come over to my private Facebook page, request to join, and come party with us!!  There’s nearly 1,000 girls in there who are having a blast and sharing favorite colors, asking questions and becoming friends. 

Or, you can find my shop here

I think that’s all I have for ya!!!  Can’t wait to start seeing your selfies in that Facebook page!

Learn how to apply LipSense like a pro with Abby from Twist Me Pretty

Abby Smith

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9 thoughts on “How To Apply LipSense LIKE A PRO!

  1. Is it normal for it to feel sticky in between layers or does that mean it’s not dry? The color doesn’t come off when I touch it but I can’t ever get it to stop feeling sticky even if I give plenty of time in between layers, until I put the gloss on….

  2. So you say not to use wax, but the Senegence Lip Balm has wax in it…. The first ingredient listed is Paraffin, which is a type of wax…..

    1. Hey girl! I’ve become more familiar with the products since this post was published and you are indeed correct. Here is a really long explanation that’ll help you out!

      The first two ingredients in the lip balm are petrolatum and paraffin (liquid version). These two are a starkly different consistency and chemistry than Beeswax, which is what we advise people to avoid, although we have also had questions about microcrystalline wax, which can behave similarly to beeswax depending on its specific chemistry (This is a blanket classification for many formulations) and is also an issue in LipSense Performance. To address this, I will go over what we covered in our comparison document, keeping in mind 2 factors: Permeability and Melting point.

      Beeswax is a moisture barrier, so the use of this starves skin of moisture, which is why we have such a huge change when we change to LipSense from previous products. It has a high melting point and while it can be made malleable, it is not easily completely wiped off and it still has the moisture barrier properties as its detriment. Permeability factor is low, while melting point is high (62 C, higher than what is achieved on our skin surface) leading to its tendency to not be easily completely removed on a daily basis. This lack of moisture will also change the structure of the outermost epithelial layer, causing more rapid shedding of the stratum corneal layer

      Petrolatum is usually a mixture of microcrystalline wax and oil with a melting point around 38 C. The oil component is often increased to change the viscosity and malleability to a desired texture, so the addition of more oil, would allow more permeability and absorption into skin. Permeability factor would be moderate depending on the oil inclusion and other components, and melting point is low.

      Liquid Paraffin is used in beauty products to soften and smooth the skin and while it is noted it may create an impermeable layer, it is commonly employed to soothe psoriasis conditions, emphasizing its ability to help heal. Being liquid at room temperature its melting point is inconsequential and that also increases the ease in which it can be removed in stark contrast to removing a beeswax or rigid wax based balm.

      The results speak for themselves in the healing power of the lip balm, but if the waxes confuse you, this should clear things up!

      Relevant resources:;year=2001;volume=67;issue=2;spage=85;epage=85;aulast=Pavithran

  3. Which shade of red are you wearing? Forgive me if you mentioned it in your post, but I missed it if you did.

  4. I find this lipsense is zooming in on all the lines on my lips. Is this from exfoliation? I never notice it with my regular glosses.

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