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I was looking at buying some texturizing spray on Amazon and thought to myself- “Whatever. I’m not paying $30 bucks for this”!  So I looked at the ingredients and threw a little somethin’ somethin’ together.  This recipe has worked wonders.  Not only will it add tons of texture to your hair but it will give it that nice beachy look.  The second I sprayed the salty goodness on my hair it just beached right up!  It had tons of volume and body and while messy it was still fresh and natural looking.  Because there is a ton of salt in this spray I wouldn’t use it all the time as it can dry out your hair.  I put some conditioner in the recipe to counteract the salt but who knows if it’ll help.
How I got the look:
I curled my hair using a 1″ curling wand.  It’s a cheap hot tools curling iron that I transformed into a handy wand.  I just unscrewed the clamp.  After wrapping my hair away from my face around the wand and straightening the ends I sprayed a good amount of “beach in a bottle” in my hair.  Enough to feel it but not so much that it made my hair wet and flat.  While I sprayed the beach in a bottle in my hair I scrunched upwards with my other hand.  The next few days my hair was still full of texture and I got a ton of volume in my lazy messy buns!  Needless to say they looked pretty awesome.

1 cup warm water
3 TBS Sea Salt
1 TBS gel
1/2 TBS conditioner
 Mix warm water and salt.  Shake well.  Add the rest of the ingredients, pop it in the microwave for a few seconds and stir or shake.  Make sure to use filtered water, we don’t want any bacteria growing in our bottle 🙂

And there ya have it.  Easy peesey and super cheap beach in a bottle!!  Good luck!


Abby Smith

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10 thoughts on “Beach in a Bottle

  1. This is definitely a cheaper option. All the other ones I’ve seen require coconut oil which is pricy. Do you have any tips for using it in straight hair to get super cute waves?

  2. I just made it and I’m getting ready to try it. My hair is dirty from yesterday so I’ll probably take it easy and just do the ends. I’m trying so hard not to wash my hair every day! Amibelle made a good point about keeping an eye out for stuff growing in the bottle… but it’s so cheap you can dump it out if it looks suspicious and start fresh!

  3. I am excited to try this! I always wanted to try the texturizing spray, but never had the extra money… So trying this.
    Thanks! You ROCK!
    PS I voted for you. Hope you win!