the birthday party

My little man is all grown up!
We had to sing him happy birthday three times because when the lights would go up he’d scream “again, again”!  And how do you say no to a little boy on his birthday?  We’ve totally been practicing our blowing out skills too!
Are you impressed?  I made that cake.  Thank you hobby lobby cake decorating class!  Don’t worry, it only took me like, ten hours.  Funny story actually.  This party was supposed to be two weeks ago.  I made all the cakes and that weekend we all got sick.  Party postponed.  Cakes in the freezer.  The next week, oh I had a baby.  Yeah.  The cakes had come out of the freezer to thaw and so back in they went!  I was worried this party wouldn’t ever happen!  The decorations had been up for weeks!

Cute huh?!  Had to use the fringey streamers!  The banner, welcome to boston’s birthday sign and cake topper came from the party pack over at Whistle While You Work.  Remember she did that super fun giveaway a few weeks back?  There were so many other things in the pack, I just never got around to using them.  SO CUTE though!

At the end of the night Boston went home with his grandma and uncles to Delta.  It was actually really sad!  I feel like I’ve been neglecting him the last few weeks.  With not seeing him while I was at the hospital to coming home and not being able to play with him.  He ALWAYS asks me for to put him down for bed.  Always… he likes to play with my hair 🙂  He doesn’t even ask though anymore.  He just says “night night mommy”.  Makes me want to cry!  Hopefully things will get easier.  They HAVE to get easier!  Little Savy has colic so I’m going off dairy.  It’s going to be so hard because two staples in my diet right now are ice cream and chocolate!

Thanks for being a part of my life you guys.  I love all your sweet comments and encouraging advice. I’m sorry I don’t get the chance to write all of you back!



Abby Smith

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8 thoughts on “the birthday party

  1. I’m sorry your little girl has colic! I went through the same thing with my little girl. Once your off dairy for a little bit it gets easier. She’ll grow out of it faster than you think. And it gets easier once she’s a little older. Good luck! 🙂

  2. That birthday party makes you look like supermom – even if you feel bad for postponing it. 🙂 I LOVE following your blog. Stalking, I guess, cause I hardly ever comment. 🙂
    Hey – if you’re going off dairy and you NEED chocolate and ice cream, I have a recipe for a chocolate/peanutbutter/banana/strawberry milkshake over on my blog – and it’s made with almond milk. DE-LISH. My hubs likes it better than regular milkshakes.
    Here’s the link if you wanna try it out – and don’t be scared off by the crappy picture. I’ve yet to master photography. 😉