Braided Top Knot x2

Two braided-top-knot styles from Abby at Twist Me Pretty

You guys know I’m a sucker for cute down-styles.  I love having my hair down — it just makes me feel super feminine and put together, maybe even secure when I have a few curls to play with and hide behind.  But let’s be honest, during the day I’ve gotta keep it out of my face or it drives me insane!  Can anyone else relate?!  I’ve seen this braided top knot all over instagram and so I thought I’d share how to style it, as well as another way to wear it.  Would you expect anything less from me?! I hope you guys enjoy the tutorial!

Abby wears a braided top-knot down.

Pretty hair, pretty lips. Hair tutorial and LipSense supplier. What more could you want?

Wavy hair frames Abby's braids.

Coop gets involved in Abby's braided top-knot tutorial.

^^ Coop woke up from his nap mid=filming sesh.  Got a few good laughs out of him before I handed him off to Brian! (I film on Saturdays when he’s home to manage the fort!)

Abby shows off various braided styles.

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Abby's up-top-knot is out of the way, and stylish.

Abby's half-up style is easy to wear.

Outfit – shirt: Zappos | Ring/bracelet: c/o Wanderlust Athena + Bangle  | Lipstick: Maybelline Petal Pink |
Products – Fake Bake Selfless Tanner | Kenra Hairspray + Pomade | Rubber BandsBobby Pins

If you’re not following me yet on snapchat, get out your phone this red hot second and come say hi!  twistmepretty2.  It’s my favorite social media and one where I feel like I can just totally be myself.  So if you’ve ever wondered how this girl does it all — come find me.  And I hope that last sentence made you bust up laughing because it should more accurately read, how has she not gone insane yet?  Mmk, love you guys!

Abby Smith

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7 thoughts on “Braided Top Knot x2

  1. Hi Abby,
    on your’s mother day post i wrote a comment may be it didn’t reach you. so i’m trying once gain 🙂
    here we (me and my sister) are your biggest fan from India, and the first to read your blog (that’s what we believe 🙂 after some calculation of time zones)
    you are an inspiration for my sister Juhi, she keeps on trying your hairstyles and talks a lot about you.
    a special thanks to you because you are someone due to whom i could even look pretty when i was on hospital
    Loads of love.

    1. You are the sweetest, thanks for all your comments!! I’m so grateful to have such wonderful friends, thanks for your support!! And I hope your better now? I’m sure you were rocking some pretty fabulous braids!