Celtic Knot Tutorial

Celtic Knot Tutorial

celtic knot tutorial
I just about died when I figured out this knot hairstyle, so naturally I wanted to make this celtic knot tutorial for you guys!  Have you guys seen the celtic knot headbands?  They are kind of adorable.  I was attempting to make one for Savy out of an old T-shirt and I thought… this would be so cute as a hairstyle!  Lightbulb.  On.  Bright and burning.
Once you learn the knot, it’s knot hard… hahaha get it… knot hard?!  haaaha oh geese.  If your knot familiar with the knot go ahead and practicing on some shoe strings.  Just remember that when you’re doing this on yourself your hands will be flipped around so just familiarize yourself with the knot and knot the way you’re holding the strings.  baahaaha, sorry I just couldn’t help myself!
celtic knot tutorial

Prep for the Celtic Knot Hairstyle

I used this technique to curl my hair and because I had just washed it I sprayed some dry shampoo all over to give my hair a dirtier texture.  Help the style hold, ya know?
celtic knot tutorial

>>>1 Take a chunk of hair from the left side.  I’m just now realizing that these pictures might be backward.  I’m left handed… sooo… if you’re not you might need to flip these images around in your head ha ha!  Sorry ’bout that.

>>2 Wrap your hair up and over your two fingers from your opposite hand

celtic knot tutorial
>>>> 3 Continue wrapping
>>> 4 Pay attention to my left hand and how I’m holding the strand of hair.  It’s important that your fingers look like mine and that you’re holding your loop exactly like I am.  Sorry folks, there’s only one right way to do this style 🙂

celtic knot tutorial

>> 5 While holding that loop you’re going to grab another section of hair from the opposite side
>>> 6 Add that section of hair in between your pinky and your ring finger
celtic knot tutorial

>>>> 7 Now you’re going to tilt your hand so that you can reach that strand that’s being held in between your pinky and ring finger with your other hand.  As you can see from the picture you’re going to pull that strand of hair underneath the first section of hair

>> 8 Now pull up on that section of hair to tighten the hair around your face.  During that little grab and pull move your hair might have become loose up front

celtic knot tutorial
>>> 9 You’re going to need another pair of hands.  I’ve used a duck bill clip to help me out.  Place it right in front of the loop
>> 10 Now you’ll have two hands to work with.  Plus I’m sure your arm was getting tired.  Am I right?!  So that strand is going to go over the top of the circle and through the loop
(I’ll be using the word circle and loop interchangeably)
celtic knot tutorial
>>>> 11 See the strand going through the loop?
>> 12 Next you’re going to push the strand of hair under the right section of hair and it’s going to come out the bottom
celtic knot tutorial

>>> 13 Now you need to find wherever the bottom of your loop is and pull the strand up, over and through the bottom of the loop/circle

>> 14 Once you’ve pulled that strand all the way through it should resemble something similar to step 14.  If it doesn’t, try again.  It took me a good five or six times to get it right.  Once you have that last step looking something similar to mine go ahead and fiddle around with the pieces of hair.  You can loosen the knot to make it look fuller and you can also tighten it just a bit so that the pieces in the front aren’t too loose and baggy.  Make sense?  If that strand on the right is poking out go ahead and insert a bobby pin underneath it to tuck it back and secure the knot.

It might help you to try this hairstyle when your hair is wet.  I didn’t use any product to smooth down fly aways.  I kind of like the messier bohemian look.

Is this seriously knot the cutest hairstyle ever?  hahaha oh my gosh, I cannot help myself right now!  The thing is it only takes a couple of minutes and people are like… whoa what?  How in the world did you do that?!  It’s the best.  So go ahead and practice while you’re watching tv and I promise you’ll get it in no time!

And as always, if you love this hairstyle help me share it by pinning it to one of your beauty boards!

** update ** A video has been highly requested but I’ve since chopped my hair and can’t do this style.  As soon as it grows out this will be the first video I do 🙂

Abby Smith

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102 thoughts on “Celtic Knot Tutorial

    1. I cut my hair shortly after and have been waiting for the sides to grow out long enough to do it! It’s almost there so I’ll put together a tutorial in the next little while!

  1. I’m really struggling with step 7. Even when I twist my hand so my pinky is underneath I just don’t seem to be able to reach it with the other hand without either one of my hands going under as well which results in everything falling apart. I know how to do it (I can do it with ribbons) but just can’t do it in reality. I’ve tried well over 10 times and also tried to use a topsy tail too but that just made it even more fiddly. Any tips?

  2. Hi, I found step 12 to be misleading as the strand has to go from top to bottom (downwards) but the picture says under and through which makes it sound like it goes upwards. I figured it out with ribbons anyway, now on my own hair it will take some practice I think. Thanks for a great hairstyle!

  3. Wow, great job on the tutorial! I got it exactly like the picture with the first try 🙂 I absolutely love it!!

  4. Would you pleeeease do a video tutorial? This is so cute but I am just so lost with the pictures.

  5. I love this, is there any way you can post a video that would be a lot more helpfull and how do you come up with these awesome ideas,I told my friends all about this site they thought it was amazing I found it hard to do it just by picture

    1. I totally would but my hair is too short now! Cute Girls Hairstyles has a video tutorial though that you could take a look at!

  6. Thank you for this tutorial! I’m going to try it for work tomorrow 🙂 also yay for left handers! It’s nice to see a tutorial that I don’t have to look at in the mirror :p

  7. Hi, I really want to be able to do this hairstyle but I find it easier to watch someone do it. Would it be possible for you to make a video tutorial??

    1. I totally would except I just cut my hair and it’s no longer long enough! I think Cute Girls Hairstyles on YouTube has a tutorial though!

  8. great tutorial! my first attempt was a hot mess but when I looked back at your pictures, realized I messed up a step. 2nd try worked perfectly! thanks so much for figuring it out & sharing with us!

  9. I tried to do this all alone many times, but I always failed. I couldn’t understand the instructions very well… I guess I’ll just never wear it 🙁

    1. Mirjam, it’s a really hard haistyle, don’t get yourself down! Have you tried it on someone else? Try doing the knot with some string and really familiarize yourself with it. Once you know how to tie the knot, then experiment on your hair!

  10. ok, if step 13 said something along the lines of grab the end of the hair that's just been pulled through in step 12 and then poke it back through the loop, Abby's "Up and over bottom of circle" could also be stated as poke it through from the back (close to the scalp) and then feed it through, out and away from the scalp.

    I also found that if you haven't done step 4 exactly right that you may need to add another step after this which is grab the left hand strand now (the one that hasn't been used yet) and poke it under the chunk of hair that has come from the left hand side. This completed the knot for the Mrs anyways 🙂

  11. I love it! But you lost me in step 13… which strand are you talking about, the first one (your left) or the second strand that went through all the ups and through (the right one)? thanks!

  12. the strand at 10 has to go through the open loop at 11, then behind the flat-against -the-head strands we see on the right (her left, back) at 12 then that tip is pulled through the bottom of the same open loop,at 13, which finishes the knot.

  13. Ok, I absolutely love this but you lose me at step 13 I think! I really want to be able to do this! I have a baby girl and I want to be a pro by the time she has enough hair! lol

  14. oh my heck are you kidding? BEAUTIFUL! So, I am a hair stylist and am great at doing this stuff to other people, but when it comes to my own hair… can’t do it at all. Ever. haha. Even when i see these tutorials I try and fail miserably! So cute though, love love it!

    Xo. Nicole

  15. haha I've actually played around with doing one knot and then two directly under it so it looks like an awesome ponytail but haven't made it look super cute yet!

    1. Okay so once you’ve put the strand underneath that section of hair in step 12 (it’s the hair that’s pulling back from the front of your face if that helps) you’ll need to find the loop. It could be anywhere at this point. Find the loop and then that strand goes up inside and through the loop. Then you’ll just take out the clip and pull on both strands. Does that help? That’s actually the step that I couldn’t figure out for forever either and I was like, this stupid hairstyle is never going to work!! You’ve got to find that loop and pull the strand up through the loop. Does that help? I’m thinking a video is coming soon!

  16. Like she said, after you do it a few times, like 6 or 7, you get the hang of it and it's not that bad 🙂 you should try it!

  17. This is an amazing hairstyle, but I tried to do it on my hair, and then with shoelaces and it just wasn’t working for me… I started to struggle around step 7 and then it just got progressively worse by the time I got to 11 I was pretty much off. Would it be possible to make a diagram or something? It looks so pretty I want to get it right! 🙂

    1. So the strand that you put in your pinky is going to go underneath that chunk of hair you just made a loop with… You’ll need to grab it with your other hand. So as you can see in step 7 my right hand is reaching underneath the hair that’s being pulled back to grab that piece of hair… make sense? Video coming soon!

    1. It’s actually the new Nicole nailpolish by OPI. I got it at smiths and I thiiinkkk it’s one of the only reds right now… like hot tamale or something? ha ha I’ll check and get back to you!

  18. Love this! Quick question though – is it true that the section of hair that you pull from the left side (that you use to form the original loop) doesn’t actually get twisted or knotted anywhere? It just kind of hangs out and that chunk from the right side that weaves around everything and gets knotted?

    Just want to make sure I’m following before I tackle this one – I love it though; it’s beautiful.


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