Cleaning Out Your Closet- Now is the Time!

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Spring is a great time of year to do some purging, but when you add in quarantine? I don’t think there’s any better time for cleaning out your closet then now. And while you’re at it, maybe lock yourself inside for an extra 20 minutes of peace after your kids “homeschool” lessons. Just sayin’.

Closet cleaning TBH is my expertise. As a merchandiser and personal shopper for Nordstrom for many, many moons, I’ve had a lot of practice and I’ve rotated A LOT of clothing through my own closet over the years.

Cleaning Out Your Closet: The rules I stick to


Here are my closet rules or things I try to stick to as I’m doing the thing…

1-Go through your closet at least once a season:

As you’re transitioning seasons, (for example Winter into Spring) always go through ALL of your clothing for  both seasons. This guarantees you’re going through your clothes at least every 3-4 months.

2-Rotate placement for the season:

I don’t know about you but I have a small closet for my love of clothes. So, as I transition seasons, I put the season ending to the back of my closest and always bring the upcoming season front and center. This helps me to SEE what I’m going to be reaching for. It also helps me notice what I might be missing.

Cleaning Out Your Closet: What to toss out?

1- Anything that is too worn or damaged.

Look at your clothes. Anything that is stained, torn, not fixable or something you’ll never take the time to fix, toss it. Be honest with yourself and your abilities. I have no sewing skills. So if my momma can’t fix it for me, it’s out.

2- Anything that does not fit.

As women our bodies are constantly changing. This can be tough advice to follow, but you won’t wear what doesn’t fit! If you’re hanging onto clothes that are too small, that’s what you are going to be thinking about when you look in your closet. If you hang onto clothes that are too big, don’t wear them. They aren’t flattering. Being frumpy doesn’t usually help you feel like your best self.

I had a hard time getting rid of clothes I thought I could wear if I ever got pregnant again. But every time I saw them it just reminded me of the fact that I may not ever have another baby. It just sends me spiraling and ain’t nobody got time for that. Not to mention the fact that by the time I could need those clothes again, guaranteed I’ll want new ones instead. In the meantime they will just hold up physical and emotional space. So toss them.

3- Anything you haven’t worn in the last 3 months (or in the last season).

As I go through winter transitioning to spring, I’ll toss out anything from the winter season that I didn’t wear. If I didn’t wear it this time around, then I know I definitely won’t come next winter.

Keeping Your Closet Clean and Organized

1-Inventory your upcoming season:

As I go through spring (bringing it front and center), I’ll go through everything again. I’ll get rid of what I don’t like anymore, following all my other rules and then I’ll inventory what I have left for the season. At that point I can make a list of staples I may be missing or holes I may have after cleaning out my closet.

2- Make a list:

I’ll also make a list of things I want to be on the lookout for or a trend I may want to add to my existing wardrobe to make it more current and complete for the season! For example, I noticed that my blessed white Converse are looking toast and I want to try to get a fresh pair this season. Now I can keep my eyes open for a deal. Cargos and khakis are huge this spring too and it’s something I want to be on the lookout for to add to my closet.

Don’t forget!

Go through shoes and bags, too. It’s just as important to transition through and clean out bags, accessories and belts. Take inventory of what you have and what you may be missing.

It feels so good to have a clean, organized closet. It makes getting dressed in the morning a lot less stressful, and it makes shopping easier!

After Cleaning Out Your Closet-

Everyone has different things they like to do with clothes they are tossing out. I always try to sell mine to consignment store first. I may only get $50-$60 bucks after a closet clean-out, but that right there is a new pair of Converse or cute new cargo pants to add to my closet. And it feels like I’m spending free money, or guilt-free money (at least for me.) I also have an Instagram closet shop @brittsclosetshoppe that I post to and sell my clothes on (when I have time to list things). Other great sites to sell your clothes on are Poshmark and E-bay. I always take my kids clothes to @kidtokid and I use the extra cash to help out with buying new clothes for them as well. When I’ve exhausted all those avenues, I donate the rest and I always save the receipts for a write-off on my taxes. This saves me yet even more money, and it helps those in need!

Don’t want to do it yourself?

If all else fails, hire me to do it all for you. I offer virtual closet visits and not just during the time of staying 6 ft apart from other humans.

With so little we can keep in our control these days, this is something small we CAN take control of. So while we’re cleaning our hands and everything we could possibly ever consider touching, we might as well give that same self care to ourselves by cleaning that closet. Just make room for the next, because it’s coming. And keep your chin up girl, sunnier days are coming.

XO- Britt

Cleaning Out Your Closet- My simple rules for knowing what to toss and what to keep each season!
My simple rules for cleaning my closet each season.
Closet clean out- 2 rules you should follow.

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