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Talking all about these amazing drool bibs I use for the boys.  Click through to see more of us hanging out at home. 






6^^ notice the baby hairs… uuuggghh hahaha



Welcome to my typical afternoon!  … 9 times out of 10 though I’ve got a bare face, my hair’s in a messy bun and I’m still in my pjs haha but other than that this is pretty much what it looks like.  A few months ago I put together a post about one of my favorite diaper bag inserts and I included a snapshot of what usually goes inside.  I had so many emails about the bibdanas and crazy enough the company –Copper Pearl– reached out shortly after with an awesome promo for you guys!  If you follow me on snapchat (twistmepretty2) you’ve seen the boys wearing these bibdanas and if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 100x, they’re THE best.  Serious game changer.  The boys drool like CRAZY – especially Coop.  I was constantly having to change their shirts and when your already having to dress two babies, swapping out shirts every couple hours gets exhausting real quick, not to mention we were running out of clothes!  So I went online and happened upon these drool bibs and they’re honestly heaven sent.  The bibs have a soft absorbent fleece layer on the inside of them and it keeps their clothes dry.  Now instead of swapping out shirts I get to layer these boys up with these super cute bibs!  And when they get damp it’s super easy to swap them out.  Copper Pearl is giving away 2 sets of their bibs to FOUR winners over on instagram so make sure to hop on over there and enter!

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Chambray top: Jcrew Factory (on sale). Jeans: Gap, sizing going fast! | Boys shirts: Macy’s (on sale).  Drool Bibs: c/o Cooper Pearl (TWISTPRETTY for 20% off, good until the 19th!). Boys Jeans: old, other favs here Moccs: c/0 Freshly Picked in Birch | Rug: Rugs USA (70% off) Baskets: Target 1/2/3. Lights on the wall: Amazon. Teepee: Tnee’s. Quilt: Second Stitch to the Right. | Toys: Guitar and Caterpillar

This post was made in collaboration with Copper Pearl but all opinions are my own!

Abby Smith

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  1. Dear Abby Smith,
    You are a wonderful person and everything that you do is inspiring to me.
    Keep going !!!!
    Sophie X