Day 3- fancy half up

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This is a gorgeous hairstyle.  It takes the same amount of time to put your hair half up in a bobby pin as it does an elastic band.  Ya know what?  I’d argue it takes less time.  And it’s better for you hair.  Checkout the video and learn my secret to bobby pin success!  Caution: this video is super old, sorry the quality is so terrible.  You’ll get the idea though.

Abby Smith

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30 thoughts on “Day 3- fancy half up

  1. I have tried the easy half up over and over and over and just can’t get the pins to hold my hair. I should also mention that until now and up do for me was a pony tail with an elastic and half up was with barrettes – so I really have no idea what I’m doing. I have super thick hair, is it possible I am just trying to hold to much in the pin? I’m pretty sure it isn’t any more than you show in the video. Help.

    1. haha I hear ya! Yes, it’s definitely possible that you’re trying to pin too much hair. You only need to pin the very outer layers of hair, not everything underneath. Try taking smaller sections or pulling on the outer sections of hair up into the bobby pin instead of the entire chunk if that makes sense!

  2. hey I bought your braid one, but find it too hard to go the opposite way around my head, any chance of a code for one of these videos instead?

  3. I am so excited that I found this video. It is exactly what I was looking for, and I am planning to do your cross-over pins into a side pony for my wedding. Is there any way to get a pic of the final look to show my hairstylist?

  4. I’m also a pinterest user and found this blog. I LOVE all of the hair styles. I just started working in an enviornement where I no longer have to just wear my hair in a ponytail every day (I used to work in food services) and I have NO idea how to do it any other way but ponytail, messy bun or all down. HELP! How can I see your videos?

  5. I too found you on Pinterest and see your video is private. I would love to see how you do your hair. I have no clue how to do hair. My mother wasn’t big on doing hair and I have all brothers. 🙁 I now am the mother of all girls and would love some help! How or can I view your video?

  6. So… I love the hair styles you do but it when I click on the video to watch it, it says that I can’t because the video is private. Is there any way I can watch it?

  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE alll these 30 day challenge hair styles! But the tutorials are privattee 🙁 THEY ARE GORGEOUS AND I NEED TO KNOW HOW TO DO THEM!!!!!;)

  8. just did this look right now on a friend who is a bridesmaid! I curled the ends and added a sparkly hair piece…she might just look nicer than the bride! jk love it! going to some other ones on myself this week!

  9. I have SOOO enjoyed seeing the cool hairstyles you’ve had on your blog. I used to have long hair and did a lot of braids, and I’m trying to grow it out again, but you’ve got many more ideas than I knew was possible!

  10. Christina. Hang in there, I have a better tutorial coming up. I don’t think your hair would be too heavy or thick… there’s just a trick! You’ve got to grab just the outer most hair… I’ll explain it in the tutorial coming up! Keep trying! And thanks for the nice compliments- you guys are the best!

  11. I love! the fancy half up hairstyle but my hair must be too heavy (it’s super thick) because I can not get it to stay up longer than an hour before it falls out. I will keep trying though.

  12. I am terrible at doing my own hair…you have been so helpful. I have been searching for this sort of blog for awhile. So glad I finally found you!!!…Thank you for helping me learn!!! <3

  13. I don’t know how I found your blog but I totally love the hairstyles. 🙂 I’m a little hair obsessed myself and now that I’ve grown it out, there are so many possibilities! My only problem is that I’m kind of OCD (haha)…like I’ll tease it at the crown and then I’m like “oh no, it’s kind of out of place over here…and look at that side” and by the time I do all the “fixes”, it’s not teased anymore. hahaha

  14. Hi Abby! I’m your newest follower.

    I absolutely love this idea.

    My hair is about the same length as yours and I SUCK at doing my hair. All I do is put my hair up in a ponytail everyday. Sometimes I put it up high…sometimes low lol.

    I look forward to trying some of these.

  15. So, how hard will I need to beg for a video tutorial?

    How’s that? No?
    I really, really love it! 🙂