A few crazy changes!

So much has been going down at the Smith home as of late.  The first and most craziest thing-

My Dad got called as an LDS mission president to the Rostov Na Donu, Russia Mission.  WHAT?!  That’s right.  My mom and dad will be leaving me for THREE whole years.  Isn’t that the saddest and most awesome thing you’ve ever heard?  Not many people get to just pick up and move to Russia.  Talk about an awesome experience and opportunity for them.  I am so super excited for them and so super sad for us!  And I say us because not only is my mom my best friend she is also my photographer and crafty helper.  The blog will suffer.  Brian will have to take the hairstyle photos and videos from now on… I can’t promise they’ll be awesome ha ha!!  Anyway- more to come on that later.

The second and most exciting thing-

We’ve been living with my parents for the last three years waiting for Brian to get into graduate school.  Well get this- he got into ALL four schools he applied to!  I am so proud of that man.  He is such a good husband and dad and the last three years have not been easy on him.  All that crazy hard work preparing for the GMAT and struggling through crappy job after crappy job is finally paying off.

So what will we be?

Ohio State Buckeyes, Notre Dame Irish, BYU Cougars or Boston University Terriors?


We are movin’ to Provo to be BYU Cougars!

Wasn’t he the cutest little nugget?

Ha! Silly Provo.  We’ve already lived there once!  I know it’s not super exciting and believe me if it weren’t through the power of prayer we would probably be going somewhere else.  Somewhere exciting and new!  Apparently the Lord has something different in store for us and we are confident BYU is where we need to be.  We are so blessed to have gotten in as this is an opportunity few receive and we’re counting our blessings every day.

So that’s our awesome news.  Parents are moving to Russia and we’re moving to Provo.  This busy home of ours will be completely vacant in a few months.  Makes me kind of sad to see this chapter of our lives close.  I have loved living with my parents.  They’re the awesome type of parents.  Ones you can handle living with.  Ones you don’t want to live without!  I am definitely excited though for a change and to finally have a place of our own.

Much love!

Abby Smith

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20 thoughts on “A few crazy changes!

  1. Wow! What a ton of change!!

    I’m sorry to hear that your parents are moving, but that is truly a wonderful opportunity.

    I’m also happy for your hubby! My husband almost went to BYU, but decided it was too far (we’re from Texas).

    I wish y’all the best. <333

  2. I just stumbled across your blog through a friends blog, and wanted to say that my brother (Elder Goodman) is in Rostov on a mission right now, he just left the MTC in March!!! So cool!!

  3. What an exciting and rewarding time for you all!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! 🙂 Such cute photos… I’m sure hubby will learn photography ASAP 😉 Russia will be such an adventure for your parents!

  4. CONGRATS on their mission call!! That is so fun!! I am new to your blog and I’m so glad I found it! I invite you to check mine out! I hope you have a great week! =)

    – Heidi Harlequin

  5. I think it’s VERY exciting! We’ve been up at BYU-I for the last 4 years and have LOVED every minute of it. I’m so sad to be leaving soon:( I’m sure BYU is just as wonderful! Congrats!! and congrats to your parents! Your mom is lovely; she looks just like you!!

  6. That’s so exciting! I have to admit I’m a little jealous of your parents. I have always wanted to go to Russia. They’ll be so blessed while they serve the people there!

  7. Congratulations to your parents..They will be very busy.My parents are in Quezon City North Philippines mission. I had to show my parents my baby learning to crawl on skype yesterday:) it will be your best friend. I love this post because my husband and I were living with my parents before they left whil we are in school too. Now we are in their home while they are gone. Congratulations on scool,we love BYU..I hope you get a chance to go visit your parents we are going this year. Your parents will have many great and hard things ahead. Somthing you may want to try, my family started a blog spot for just us. All 6 kids and my parents post on it and thats how we keep track of each other. We all love it! We are all authors on it and we love seeing our parents posts. Good luck to you and to your parents:)!

  8. That’s so awesome! Congrats to your husband on getting in to all four schools. My parents plan on going on a mission some day, and I hadn’t really thought about how hard it would be to have them gone for that long. Luckily they have more flexibility in calling and such. Exciting changes. Good Luck on your move!

  9. Congrats on acceptamce to BYU. My hubby just graduated a year ago with his MBA in marketing. we LOVED our time there!!! Embrace it! The being a single parent on long days can get hard so join the MBA Spouse Association- it’s a lifesaver! (MBASA) Good luck!

  10. Congratulations! I have to say deep down I was hoping you would say Ohio State! I have followed your blog for about a year and enjoy it very much….I was born and raised in SLC and moved to Ohio for my husband to attend gratuate school at Ohio State! We loved it so much we bought a house and are staying put….If you are big into college football like we are Ohio State has been a lot of fun to be…Yes they have had some issues – however we are hoping now with Urban Meyer as the coach we can move past this….Good luck with the move and much success!

  11. Abby! Such exciting news! What a cool opportunity for your parents. Maybe you’ll get to go see them. Congrats to your hubby for getting into all four schools. I’m a huge Ute fan, but I’m sure you have great experiences awaiting you in Provo. You have a darling family. Congratulations.

  12. How exciting for everyone!! It’s so funny to me that you are all leaving at once out of the house. I can’t for the life of me remember where you are living now though. Good luck!

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