A few of my favorite things

The boyfriend Halftee

I was so sick of lifting up my entire shirt to nurse little Savy that when I saw these shirts at a kiosk in Orem I new I had to try them.  They are awesome.  They’re not made as nursing shirt either.  They are friendly for all! Ha ha!  I love them because I have so many cute tank tops and come summer they’ll be too hot to wear a cardi over them.  Plus when I wear dresses I no longer have a long t-shirt I’m constantly tugging on!  No tugging + No pulling + No bunching + No baggy layers = your new favorite tee
The boyfriend T happens to be my personal favorite because the sleeves are a little longer but the sleeves come in all different lengths.  Check them out here

I emailed them letting them know I was doing a little review and they gave me this.  A discount code for my readers.  Because they love you.  myyellowsandbox10%
No-Slip Evolution Headbands from Scunci
These are the headbands I reach for every time.  I can wear them all day and rarely do I have to adjust them.  They are my favs and super cheap too.  I got mine at Walmart.
I know most of you readers won’t care about this one.  But there will be someone out there who will more than appreciate the heads up. I wish I had known these things existed when I had Boston.  I HATED loooaaathed nursing in public.  It was always so awkward and I couldn’t figure out how to discretely do it.  I was always showin’ something!  These tank tops have stretchy necklines.  So instead of lifting your shirt up, you pull the shirt down.  WHICH MEANS that your stomach and everything else is still hidden under your clothes.  Now that I have my half tees, I pull those up and pull the tank down.  It’s the best thing ever!  You should have seen me nursing Savy at a HIGHSCHOOL BASEBALL game.  I’ve come such a long way, ha!
Another heads up.  The Milk Friendly blog has awesome outfit ideas that are all, well, milk friendly!  Check it out if your a nursing mom- she’s awesome!
All these tank tops are ones I’ve bought at Motherhood Maternity.  They don’t have a great online selection but there are ALWAYS some really cute ones in the store.  Just buy one and I promise you’ll be back to buy the rest!

 Baby girl elastic headbands by Katelyn & Co

Okay.  I’ve tried them all.  I’ve tried making them out of tights.  Making them out of elastic.  I’ve bought a bazillion and then fiiinaaaalllly I found the perfect headband elastic.  It stays put and it doesn’t leave those so sad red marks or indents on their heads!  So don’t worry.  Savy is always wearing a flower now.  They are $2.75 and totally worth it.  Don’t waste time making your own.  Just buy the stupid things.  Your baby will be happy you did!
And that’s all she wrote folks.  Hope you enjoyed!

Abby Smith

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