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I am so excited to finally share this post with you guys!  There are 2 questions I’m always being asked… 1) how do you go so long without washing your hair and 2) how do you keep your curls from falling flat after you sleep?  Today I’m dishing my secrets and sharing a few of my most loved products that help me avoid washing and curling!  

Abby doesn't look thrilled with her second-day hair

Welcome to my second day hair.  Yesterday morning I curled it with a 1″ wand (tutorial here  and this post also has some really great info too!!) and slept on it down to avoid any kinks.  When I wake up the curls are usually tousled, my fly-a-ways are as crazy as ever and it’s always pretty flat, especially in the back on my flat spot.  Okay so let’s get to it. 

Living Proof's dry shampoo is fantastic.

Step 1.  You’re going to brush through any snarls with a paddle brush and then spray in some dry shampoo.  My absolute favorite dry shampoo is from Living Proof; you guys already know this.  It absorbs and removes any oil, sweat and odor and doesn’t leave any residue or powdery build-up behind.  And how cool is this, it has time-released fragrance which delivers a light, clean scent throughout the day!  It’s hands down my favorite and the bottle lasts me forever!

Abby applies the Living proof dry shampoo

^^ Spray the dry shampoo 6-10″ away from your face, all over your roots and any areas that you have oil build up.  Make sure to lift the underneath sections of hair up and spray near your crown.  Then you’re going to let it sit for 30 seconds and then you’ll gently massage the roots with your finger tips.  Done!

(If you’re needing a few hairstyle ideas to wear with second day hair, make sure to check out these four right here.)

Living proof no frizz nourishing oil

Now that we have our oil under control, we’re going to move onto the fun part!  This is where we take your hair from semi-wild to smooth and shiny!  I’m so excited to introduce you guys to Living Proof’s brand new No Frizz Nourishing Oil.  I’ve been using it for awhile, testing it out and comparing it with a few of my other favorites and I think you guys are going to fall head over heels in love with it!!! A lot of other oils out there aren’t particularly nourishing your hair; they’re just sitting on the hair’s surface and causing buildup or leaving it heavy and flat.  The No Frizz Nourishing Oil from Living Proof is very very different.  It absorbs right into your hair leaving it smooth, nourished and that’s right, frizz less.  FRIZZ LESS!!

Abby applies Living proof's Nourishing oil

I’m using 2-3 pumps but the amount you use will depend on the amount of hair you have!  Rub it together in the palms of your hand and distribute evenly throughout your hair.
Abby applies Living proof's No Frizz Nourishing Tool to her hair

You mainly want to focus on the mid shaft to ends, but my hair is very dry and I have a lot of frizz near my roots so I went ahead and lightly covered the top sections with the leftover oil that was on my hands.  Not only is this going to make your hair feel extra smooth and look incredibly shiny, but it’s also going to help revive those curls by smoothing and strengthening the strands of hair.

Looking good! But you can comb down any fly-aways.

^^ If you have excessive fly-a-ways, or in my case postpartum regrowth, a little trick I’ve been doing is taking my eyebrow gel and smoothing the hairs down with the little brush!!  Afterwards, you’re going to tease the roots to give yourself some volume and if you want some extra texture go ahead and spritz some Living Proof Texture Mist onto the hair!  Once you’ve sprayed it on a section, scrunch up the hair with your hands and it’ll bounce up and revive those curls!  Occasionally I will retouch a few sections with the curling wand but I like the loose waves so as long as there isn’t any frizz and it looks smooth and healthy, I usually leave it alone. 

Abby's delighted with Living proof's texture mist

Two minute styles for second-day hair. Don't wash your hair every day!

And voila!  From flat to fab in like… 2 minutes.  Using the right kind of products is so important, it can honestly make or break your hairstyle. If you haven’t had any luck with dry shampoo, chances are it’s because you’re using the wrong one!  If you’ve tried oils in the past and they’ve made you feel like one giant grease ball or they weigh your hair down — you’re using the wrong one!  I can’t recommend the Living Proof products enough; they continuously exceed my expectations and the No Frizz Nourishing Oil is proving to be my new favorite product!  Have you guys tried out Living Proof?  What do you think of it?

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This post was brought to you by Living Proof. I’m obsessed with their products and all opinions are my own.

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  1. YES, Living Proof are my new fave products!! The dry shampoo is definitely the best. Can’t wait to try the nourishing oil and texture mist. Thanks so much!


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