Gossip Girl Braid

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My husband and I had a hot date planned last week.  I come out of the bathroom and ask him if he likes my hair.  He looks at me awkwardly and says, “you look like an Indian princess”.  I just busted up laughing.  Is that a compliment?  I’m gonna take it as one because I feel pretty.  And that’s all that matters!
I am seriously in love with this hairstyle.  I haven’t been wearing my hair straight because it looses volume too quickly, I need some layers or I need to trim my bangs.  It’s so long and just looks mleh.  This hairstyle helps you maintain your volume and it looks fresh all day.  I was inspired by… yeah you guessed it.  Serena Vanderwoodsen.  I swear I have five new hairstyles I want to try after watching one episode of Gossip Girl.  So now I can watch it and say I’m doing research ha ha!
Take a chunk of hair from the heavy side of your part.  Start a really loose braid near your chin.  When you get to the bottom, take a small chunk from one of the three strands and just twist it and wrap it around a few inches down.  Easy enough?!


Abby Smith

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