The Juice Cleanse

I have received so many emails about my juice cleanse I thought I’d come back and just sum it all up.  Like I said in this post I started with the five day cleanse from the belly fit club.  If you decide on doing a juice cleanse you can find all the recipes and support you’ll ever need over there.  Kristie is great!  And gorgeous.  And she hasn’t aged one single day since she was 25.  So it makes you want to buy all organic foods and never eat anything processed ever again!
I did the PUREbody juice lovin’ cleanse twice.  I started Saturday and went through Wednesday.  I was worried I’d be starving the whole time and that I wouldn’t have energy to play with my kids.  Well, I was never starving and I had plenty of energy.  Sure, there were a few times I was hungry.  But by keeping busy the days sort of just flew by and by the time I had time to think about it I was back on solid foods.  Ha, that sounds funny.
I ended up loosing four pounds with the first cleanse.  It honestly wasn’t about loosing weight for me.  I wanted something to jumpstart myself into eating healthier and living a healthier lifestyle.  But yes, I was happy I’d lost weight!  That following Monday I started the cleanse over.  I was excited about the weight loss and wanted to loose just a bit more.  The second time around was a lot easier.  I ended up loosing 7 total pounds.
I am 5 pounds away from my pre-Boston pregnancy weight.  Woot woot!
Okay.  Let’s go back to day one and I’ll walk you through the experience.UPDATE:  I’ve purchased myself a new juicer.  It’s a Breville and put me out $99.  The thing is amazing.  There is no pulp.  The consistency is seriously water and the juice is delicious!  I’ll be cleansing again soon.  I drink the green lemonade for lunch everyday and it’s been great!!  So basically this whole post is no longer accurate.  I look forward to the juices and if you drink them fast, if you’re worried, you can’t even taste what you’re drinking.

You start off your morning by drinking a little lemonade concoction made with water, lemon juice, maple syrup and some cayenne pepper.  It’s not bad.  And you’re not hungry yet because you just woke up so it’s almost refreshing.  After making pancakes for your little two year old you get around to juicing and drinking an entire cantaloupe.  It’s delicious.
photo courtesy of the belly fit club

I mean, it’s not buttermilk pancakes doused in syrup but it’ll do.  The thought of fitting into those old jeans from college keep your spirits high.  You think the next few days are going to be a piece of cake.

By about 1:00 pm you’re ready to juice your green lemonade.

You’re hungry enough so you bravely lift the mason jar to your lips and just start chugging.

photo courtesy of the belly fit club

sidebar- My juicer is at least 25 years old.  I stole it from my parents because we’re low on funds.  It’s what you get for being a stay and home mom and having a student for a husband.  My sister says her Breville juices to the consistency of water.  My juices were thick.  Like drinking orange juice with high pulp.  Sometimes even chunky.  It was never the taste I had issues with.  It was the chunks.  {Shudder}

Back to my story.

As you gulp this green drink you try to think of happier days… laying out on the beach…  Pre-babies…  Bikinis…  Somehow you find the will power to finish it off.  Five minutes later you think to yourself,  “okay that wasn’t that bad”.  You get mad at yourself for being so dramatic and you vow to toughen up.  You’re full.  Really full.  So full you just want to sit on the couch and take a nice little nap.  But you can’t because you have two kids and they’re always needing something.  You find though that you have plenty of energy.  Sure you’re tired.  But you’re usually tired so you can’t blame the juice.  5:00 hits and you drink your warm peppermint tea.  It’s suprisingly refreshing.  And it makes your whole body warm and you like that.  Around dinner time you leave the house.  You have to because the aroma of dinner makes you want to eat the entire casserole and forget your goals.  So you leave.  And when you come back the smells are gone and the dishes are done and for that you’re happy.

At 7:00 you juice your beet drink.

photo courtesy of the belly fit club

You’re so hungry you shove the beet, carrots and celery in the juicer so fast you pray it doesn’t break.  It tastes like dirt.  Dirt you can handle.  The texture though?   You wish you had money for a nicer juicer because the beet drink is kiiillllling you!  But you’re no longer acting like a drama queen so you suck it up and pound the whole thing.  And then it’s over and you’re full again.  As the sun goes down and the kids are in bed you find yourself on the couch wanting to snack.  Popcorn?  Soda?  Treats from the gas station?  It’s hard.  But you’re so motivated at turning over a new leaf that you pretend you’ve already eaten all those yummy things and just sit on the couch.  A little unsatisfied but you’ve been worse.

Around 9:00 you juice your delicious yam/pear/apple juice.

photo courtesy of the belly fit club

It is so yummy.  It’s like you’re drinking a smoothie.  And it’s sweet and refreshing and such a nice surprise.  Day one.  Done.

I should write a novel huh?  Haaaa psych! All in all this whole juice cleanse was such a great experience for me.  I actually would put the juice in Savy’s cereal and she had no idea.  I froze some of the green lemonade one and I mix it in my fruit smoothies.

Have you done a juice cleanse?


Abby Smith

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17 thoughts on “The Juice Cleanse

  1. Can you suggest a good juicer? I really want to do a juice cleanse, but the only juicer around is a giant mammoth of a thing that my dad has, and I have some rather unpleasant memories of it and it’s results.

  2. Hey! I’ve been following for a while but never actually comment. I’d be interested in this…you do the same juiced every day?? Did you also do the smoothie cleanse??
    What kind of smoothies do you make now?
    Just curious 😉

  3. I just recently did a juice cleanse as well and I was surprise by how much I enjoyed it! :)It wasn’t a TOTAL cleanse, because I did have solids for dinner, but other than that it was all juice. I loved the way it made my mind/body feel! I haven’t tried any of the recipes you posted above so I want to give them a try!

  4. Hey Abby, I think you remember who I am. I am from Delta, went to school with Brian. Anyway I love the way you decribed your cleanse! I actually had your link to your Acne Scars be Gone face mask but it took me to this blog? I had pinned it on Facebook and was going to see what the recipe was? It said the link could no longer be found or something? thanks maybe you can help me out.

    1. I found your site via that post on Pinterest, too. Just wanted to let you know that neither “mask” nor “acne scars” returns the correct post when using your site’s search. I almost left and deleted the pin when I found Rappleye Family’s comment. I’ll correct the link on my pin, but you may also want to fix the search results. Just wanted to let you know, since apparently I’m not the only one. 🙂

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