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I love coconut oil.  It’s uses are endless.  I have basically replaced olive oil with the stuff.  It’s so much healthier!  Not only do I cook with it but I use it as lotion for “baby saby”.  She’s my little coconut because she’s always smelling of the stuff.  Mmmm yuum!  But for today, I’m using it in my hair.It’s about time I come up with some DIY hair conditioners!  The Woman’s Day website has this awesome post about homemade hair treatments.  After reading through the article I pinned down what ails my hair and I invented a little concoction!


2 Tbs of coconut oil
1 egg (to condition and moisturize dry, brittle hair)
1/2 avocado (like the egg it is rich in protein and aids sun-damaged hair)
1/4 cup honey- not the creamy kind that is delicious in sandwiches (Aids sun-damaged hair)

Your coconut oil should be solid at room temperature so nuke it in the microwave for a quick second.  Mix in the egg, add in the warmed honey and squeeze in your 1/2 avacado.  Slather the yummy stuff in your hair and wrap your head in a shower cap or be inventive and use a grocery bag.  Then wrap it in a warm towel and go watch tv for at least half hour.  That’s mandatory.  Tell your husband he can do the dishes!  Then rinse everything out.  Don’t use hoooot water or you’ll scramble your egg!  The longer you leave the treatment in your hair the better your results will be.  If you can stand it- leave it in over night!!!

The egg and avocado are rich in protein and will condition and moisturize dry, brittle hair.  The honey mixed with the proteins from the egg and avocado will aid dry or sun-damaged hair and I added the coconut oil for shine and some more nutrition.

Now that is one packed hair treatment!

Hope you love it as much as I do!!  It’s kind of gross.  Don’t be scared though.  We all have to do hard things from time to time he he!!  It made my hair super soft and silky.  This mask definitely quenches the thirst of dry and thirsty hair!

Abby Smith

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6 thoughts on “a hair treatment for you

  1. Did you wash with shampoo and conditioner or just rinse with water? Then did you just let it air dry or blow dry and style like normal?

  2. That sounds like a great treatment, but I don’t know about putting egg in my hair! I just use coconut oil ounce a week or every other week in my hair. I put it in my hair and put it up and go to sleep and the next day wash it out! Or Sometimes I just leave it in for a little while then wash it out if I need to! Coconut oil is awesome and that is the same kind I use!

  3. I use the plain Coconut oil on the four grand daughters hair all the time. You know how long their hair is so I should have quiet a mess with mixing and putting on this. So I am going to try it on Shelly’s hair or Alani, she has shorter hair. I was just wondering if this is a once a week or month treatment?