Braided Ponytail for Girls


Hello! My name is Maria-Isabel. I am 27, a wife and a mother to 3 kids- Kiah age 9, Bruce age 6 & Zander age 3! I am also a photographer, I LOVE anything artsy and crafty. I run two blogs. The first isAgape Love Designs which is more of my lifestyle, photography, business, crafty blog. It’s a little more well known and established.  

My other blog is a “Mommy blog”.  Mommy Made is my online journal for my kids. I started it because I wanted a way to remember all the little (and big) things about my kids as they

grow. All the things that are so often forgotten or taken for granted. I also wanted a place to keep special letters to my kids, a place to write my advice and share the fun kids crafts and activities we do. A  place to inspire and be inspired as a parent. And something to have my kids look back on, to show them their childhood in a whole new way!

This little tutorial I’m sharing with you today is something you would typically find on Mommy Made.  I used to do this to my younger sister’s hair when we were in high school. 😉  Basically what this is, is 4 french braids coming to the center of the head and making a pony tail!  Its really cute but takes a little bit of time and patience- for both persons involved. 😉  You will need 4 small rubber bands and one big pony tail holder.  Oh right, AND the ability to french braid hair!

Step 1: Part hair straight down the middle.
Step 2: Part the parts, into 4 equal sections and tie off.
Step 3: Let down one section…
Step 4: French braid first section towards the middle of the head, secure with little ribber band.
Step 5: Let down and french braid the next section towards the center of the head & secure with rubber band.
Step 6: Have the person turn around with head facing downward in your lap (on a pillow).
And repeat steps 1-5!
Step 7: You should have all 4 sections french braided all leading to the center of the head.
Step 8: Gather all the “tails” of the braids to the center and secure with the pony tail holder.
Step 9: Admire such a cute braided pony tail!!
This is such a cute, fun, funky and interesting hair style that will get lots of attention! ♥
Dont you just love it??

Thank you So much Abby and all Twist Me Pretty readers for allowing me to guest blog today!  I do hope you enjoyed this tutorial! And if you try it, I would LOVE to see how it turned out. 🙂  Feel free to post some pictures to my facbook page, or just  say hello!  I would LOVE to meet you. 🙂


Abby Smith

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