Ahhhh instagram.  Thank goodness for my iPhone or I would have no record of my life.

Have you noticed Savy crying a lot?  Yeah… she absolutely HATES her car seat.  We’ve had to drive a lot this month so she’s just about had it.  Boston always says, “Mom baby Sab’s cryin'”.  It’s cute.  He’ll throw his mit into her car seat to try and console her.  But then he can’t get his mit so he starts freakin’ out too.  The joys of parenthood!!

A lot happened this month.  We found a place to rent in Provo.  My parents not only had their mission farewell but they’ve gone and left for Russia.  It was a sad day.  But I’m all cried out and finally excited for their new adventures!  We blessed Savy, Brian finished his Spartan race, it was our five year anniversary annnnd…. what else?  Oh.  Did I mention my family has been in town since the 13th and Brian quit his job?  Yes.  It’s be amazing.  And then not so amazing.  All these people are messing with my schedule and I’m having a hard time answering emails and making it to the computer!

You guys still love me right?!


Abby Smith

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3 thoughts on “June-a-grams

  1. Holy cow MAMA! I really don’t know how you do it! You are amazing! I love reading your posts. You inspire me to be more present with my family! Talk about BRAVE! Thanks lady.