Five Years and Counting

Can you believe all that?  It seems like it was just yesterday that we were getting our bridals taken in Salt Lake.  I remember I was freaking out because I didn’t know how to do my hair!  Remember my mom did it and I kept saying how I thought it looked like a spider?  I remember our honeymoon.  Ahhh to be back on those beaches reading our novels and just enjoying the sun… and your diet cokes and my cherry slushies!  Then we moved to Provo for a short spell… HA!  Remember that?  Good times.  I miss our old house.  I know you hated it but I loved it so much.  I loved playing games with our friends and walking to the Maverick to get treats before starting a new episode of Desperate Housewives.  I remember making all those freezer meals- we were in that tiny little kitchen for hours teaching ourselves how to cook!  And it was so small we probably should have started doing the dishes in the bathroom!  I remember finding out I was pregnant.  And you didn’t believe me?  Oh I was so mad!  But then when things got rough delivering that little boy Bosty you were the only one that could calm me down.  I’m pretty sure I would have died right there on that operating table if it hadn’t been for you.  It was so sweet that you stayed in the hospital with us.  You would not leave for annnything.  You were so tired but you didn’t care.  And now, to watch you hold your little girl.  You totally get all gooey for her and it’s absolutely adorable.

I think back on the last five years and am so overwhelmed with how much I need you.  I think about living without you and it quickly becomes hard to breathe.  I need you Brian.  You are kind.  You are selfless.  Completely selfless.  You’re a hard worker and you love your family more than anything.  I know I say this all the time but you need to quit being so great at loading the dishwasher and folding the laundry.  You can’t be better at everything than me!  I need you to need me for something!!  I am so lucky to have found you.  To not only have found you but to have trusted in the Lord when He told me to marry you.  At 19 years old I definitely wasn’t looking for it.  I am sure you’re the only one in the whole wide world that can handle my craziness.

So babe.  Here’s to the last five years.  Thanks for putting up with me and being by my side every step of the way.  I can’t wait to see what the next five will look like!

xoxo, Abby

Abby Smith

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11 thoughts on “Five Years and Counting

  1. That was a very sweet and tender post! I love how you expressed your love and appreciation for your husband. I enjoy your blog and how you share your faith and talent together. Thanks for the lift today, it reminded me of my blessings too!