Four Hairstyles For Spring


Because I have Spring Fever — BAD — I thought I’d share four quick styles that are perfect for Spring!  They’re all half-up, take only a few minutes and pretty easy to recreate.  I hope you enjoy the tutorial, click through for more!



^^ This is such a fun half-up style.  Has only a few extra steps and looks super fancy!  

^^ Nothing better than a few topsy tails!


^^  I shared this bohemian braid on Instagram @twistmepretty a little while ago and was asked over and over for a tutorial!  Thought it’d make the perfect Spring hairstyle and had to include it!


^^ And last but not least, a braided crown.  This is one of my favorite hairstyles ever.  I always feel so pretty when wearing it and it’s just very simple and elegant!

If you like these hairstyles, I bet you’ll love these ones too!!!  Click here to find my hairstyle gallery 


I hope you enjoy these hairstyles for spring!  Let me know what hairstyle is your favorite in the comments below and make sure to tag me on Instagram or use the #twistmepretty if you try any of them!!! xoxo

Abby Smith

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10 thoughts on “Four Hairstyles For Spring

  1. I love 1 and 3. I can’t wait to try them both this week! I think I missed it, but what bobby pins are you using?

    Thanks! Love you blog and your babies!


  2. Loved all 4 of them! But the first one I’ll try will probably be #1. It looks SO easy and I haven’t seen it worn that way before! Luv! <3