Last Minute Easter Craft!


So remember that one time Easter was in March?!  It’s literally two days away and I haven’t prepped baskets or probably the most sinful thing of all, haven’t eaten an entire bag of cadbury eggs!  WHAT IS GOING ON!  The kids were out of school today for Spring break… (I can’t contain my excitement haha) and so I found this cute little easter craft to do with them while the boys napped.  It’s a no fuss craft, I swear you’ll have everything on hand unless your four year old is constantly stealing, using up or losing all your tape!  Anyway, I know it’s last minute but hopefully you can squeeze it in to all your fun family plans this weekend! 









You can download the Easter Eggs printable HERE.  Our Tee-pee is a six footer from Tnee’s, we love ours, our twinkle lights can be found here and our office chairs here.   I’ve linked a few of our favorite baskets and toys below.  Happy Easter!!! 

Fabric Print Basket here
Wire Basket here
Wicker/White Basket here

Abby Smith

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